Dancing Kids Are Taking Over TV Commercials, and We Love It

It’s that back-to-school time of year—and apparently nothing sells notebooks and pens and new fall fashions like adorable dancing kiddies. (Well, duh.)

Both H&M and Kmart recently released ads featuring some seriously talented young’uns, and they are our new favorite things.

H&M chose a straightforward approach, just letting a group of eight (smartly dressed) munchkins dance it out:

Kmart, however, took things to another level. “[The School Bus Is] My Limo” is a full-on music video (they’ve used little clips of it as a series of commercials) for the world’s greatest kiddie rap song. It features Da Rich Kidzz, a Minneapolis group of crazily charismatic rappers aged 10-13. And as in all great music videos, there’s a lot of sweet dancing involved in “My Limo.” (The little guy in the blue headphones—I can’t even. So cute!)

Happy Friday, everyone!

About Margaret Fuhrer

Margaret Fuhrer is Dance Spirit's editor in chief.
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