Giving “Boogie Shoes” a Whole New Meaning

As dancers, we obsess over our shoes—finding just the right fit and style is so important. But what if a pair of shoes could actually teach you how to dance?

And they look pretty good too, right?

Tom Sykes, a student at the Loughborough Design School in the UK, has made a prototype of a shoe that might be able to do just that. His GroundWave Shadow Trainers have accelerometer sensors that are linked to an app on the user’s smartphone. The app shows you how do particular dance moves, then walks you through what you’re doing wrong, based on the feedback it’s getting from the shoe sensors.

Kind of a neat idea, right? And according to Syke’s website, the shoe’s end goal is not just to help you get your groove on, but also to help the battle against childhood obesity by getting young kids moving.

Check out Syke’s concept development video for the Shadow Trainers below:

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