Wendy Whelan FTW

Let us all take a moment to recognize the amazingness that is Wendy Whelan.

I’m serious: Lie back, close your eyes, and just ponder the brilliance of this New York City Ballet principal-slash-living legend for a minute.

Did you do it? Yes? Not hard, right? I mean, Whelan has been inspiring NYCB audiences for nearly 30 years with her crystalline, cooly intelligent performances of everything from Balanchine classics to out-there contemporary works. And she’s also one of the nicest people in the dance world. What’s not to worship?

Whelan grew up in Kentucky, and the state’s educational television channel recently aired a great video profile of the ballet star. Wendy Whelan: Moments of Grace is now available online. With lovely tributes from colleagues, fabulous footage of Whelan in action and some poignant insights from the ballerina herself, it’s definitely worth watching. Take a look.

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Margaret Fuhrer is Dance Spirit's editor in chief.
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