Lindsey “Outthere” Blaufarb

Hometown: San Antonio, TX

Dance Cred: Lindsey has danced backup for artists like LL Cool J, Pink, Missy Elliott and Limp Bizkit—as well as in flicks like You Got Served and Love Don’t Cost a Thing.

Signature Style: “Raw and quirky” hip hop

Freaky Fact: A self-proclaimed “Air Force brat,” Lindsey moved around a lot as a kid before finally settling in L.A. as an EDGE Performing Arts Center scholarship student.


Marie “Maryss from Paris” Courchinoux

Hometown: Paris, France

Dance Cred: Maryss’ resumé reads like Billboard’s Hot Hits chart: Justin Timberlake (“Rock Your Body” video and I’m Lovin’ It tour), Black-Eyed Peas (“Shut Up” video), Gwen Stefani (various award show appearances) and Chris Brown (Up Close and Personal tour and “Forever” video), among others.

Freaky Fact: Maryss scored a highly coveted gig dancing on Michael Jackson’s This Is It tour in London.


Teresa “Rag Doll” Espinosa

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Dance Cred: Teresa has worked with A-listers Janet Jackson, Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus as both a choreographer and backup dancer.

Signature Move: Left spins (“I spin to the left constantly!”)

Freaky Fact: Love Teresa’s signature neon pink locks? She’s been rocking that ’do ever since Janet Jackson’s Velvet Rope tour.


Alison “Al-Star” Faulki

Hometown: Pembroke Pines, FL

Dance Cred: Like the other Beat Freaks, Alison has danced with some of the industry’s top talent, like Janet, Madonna, Britney, Pink and Missy. She’s also been in films like Along Came Polly, American Beauty and You Got Served.

Freaky Fact: You didn’t get to see Alison on “ABDC” because she was traveling the world with Pink!


Keeley “Lock-n-Key” Kaukimoce

Hometown: Garland, TX

Dance Cred: Keeley has danced everywhere from shows like “My Wife and Kids” to Wrigley’s and Pepsi commercials. She’s also worked with Run DMC, Christina Aguilera and the Black-Eyed Peas.

Signature Move: The “Leo Walk,” a classic groove step created by locker Fluky Luke

Freaky Fact: Keeley was discovered by locking legends Greg and Don Campbellock in a Dallas nightclub.


Rino “Rinokinawa” Nakasone Razalan

Hometown: Okinawa, Japan

Dance Cred: Rino was one of Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Girls. She has also danced backup for Britney Spears and Janet Jackson.

Freaky Facts: Rino is married to the Beat Freaks’ manager, LeeJ. She and Maryss are also BFF—they call themselves the “Geminiz” as a shout-out to their June birthdays!



Julie “Lady Jules” Urich

Hometown: Boulder, CO

Dance Cred: Jules’ many credits include iPod, Gap and Coke commercials and performances on “So You Think You Can Dance” and in Step Up 2. She has also worked with Jennifer Lopez, Missy Elliott and Madonna.

Signature Move: Hand hops and the “Jordan Freeze” (an inverted move where one hand grabs the leg and the other supports the body in a handstand)

Freaky Fact: Jules is starring in the film B-Girl (out this month) opposite Wesley Jonathan and Drew Sidora.


Alex “B-Girl Shorty” Welch

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

Dance Cred: See Shorty spin in flicks like Stick It, Bring It On: All or Nothing and Date Movie.

Signature Move: Headspins! Watch a video of Shorty spinning at

Freaky Fact: You saw her in DS first—we featured Shorty in our “Pro Portrait” in November 2005. Just 19 years old, she’s the youngest member of the group.

Photos by Jacob Pritchard