A Look at “city.ballet.” Episode 8: Male Dancers

This one’s all about the boys! What’s it really like to partner New York City Ballet’s tutu-clad ballerinas? And how do all those jumps and lifts affect the body? This week’s installment of online reality show “city.ballet” tells all.


Male dancers in NYCB seem to have it made now, but many of them were bullied growing up. Principals Robert Fairchild and Chase Finlay and corps member Harrison Ball all admit to being bullied in school for choosing fouettés over football.


“Someone asked me at the gala the other day, ‘Why’d you start dancing?’ And I said, ‘Well, I walked into a ballet studio and saw the male to female ratio, and I was like, sign me up.'” —NYCB principal Andy Veyette

Watch every episode now or join in on my one-episode-per-week challenge at (Click “Related” in the upper right hand corner of the video to navigate between episodes.)

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