Check Out Maddie Ziegler’s New YouTube Channel

Happy New Year, friends! Wondering who’s already winning 2017, not quite three days in? That’d be Maddie Ziegler—who, let’s be real, also kind of won 2016 and possibly 2015 and arguably 2014 too.

Maddie Ziegler, YouTube

Photo by Lucas Chilczuk

Anyway, the reason Maddie’s on top at this particular moment is because she just launched her own YouTube channel, a welcome and long-overdue development. In her first sweet, simple video, which went up yesterday, Maddie explains that this is something she’s been putting off for a while because of her crazy schedule. (What? Between starring in Sia videos and judging on “SYT” and writing a memoir and starting a clothing line—and, you know, school, because she’s still only 14—she hasn’t had the time? SLACKER.)

So, what can we expect from YouTube Maddie? Not a dance showcase, she says, but a lifestyle channel. There’ll be makeup tutorials, fashion advice and up-close-and-personal vlogs giving us an insider’s look at her busy, endlessly fascinating world.

Just one day and one video into the project, she has nearly 25,000 subscribers. You should be one of them, of course. Watch Maddie’s first video below, and then visit the channel to follow her every move.

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2 Responses to Check Out Maddie Ziegler’s New YouTube Channel

  1. Lynn says:

    We need to see you dance!

  2. BillySheers says:

    content suggestions for your new YouTube channel: make some musicvideo’s to jon bellion songs. do your own choreography –but no copycat Effington stuff which would not be cool–
    and try different costumes and settings to shake it up so that it’s not always just a rehearsal room setting–take it to the streets, a park, a crowded mall, a hotel lobby, the back of your mom’s suv whatever, then bring the routine to a close with your ALDC friends in tow….so cool.

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