Insta-Irish: The 3 Irish-Dance Videos You NEED to See Today

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, y’all! Here at Dance Spirit, we’re celebrating by binge-watching videos of Irish dancers in action. The videos in my top-3 countdown have literally nothing to do with each other—except for how awe-struck I am by each one. Seriously, if you’re an Irish dancer, give yourself an extra pat on the back today from all of us at DS. We #bowdown to your flying footwork, insanely immovable core strength and oh my gosh those bouncing curls. Color me green with envy!


#3: Ed Sheeran + hard-shoe #goals = BRB, watching this on repeat for the rest of the day


#2: File this under Weird/Wonderful. No further comment.


#1: Nothing conjures the full spectrum of Irish-dance feels like a good old Riverdance supercut. So, you’re welcome.

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Helen Rolfe is an assistant editor at Dance Spirit.
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