Lil Buck’s AirPod Commercial Is Our New Obsession

Lil Buck’s impossibly smooth jookin has been making us question the laws of physics for years now. But his new commercial for Apple’s AirPod, “Stroll,” breaks those laws in a more literal way: It has him grooving up the sides of buildings, along shop windows, and on the underside of theater marquees.

Lil Buck, AirPod, Apple, Stroll

AND on the side of a car. Because of course.

If that sounds vaguely familiar, you’re probably remembering Fred Astaire’s classic “dancing on the ceiling” routine from the 1951 film Royal Wedding. Basically, “Stroll” takes the Royal Wedding number to the streets. And it’s not an exaggeration to say that Lil Buck matches Astaire’s level of blithe virtuosity. The ad’s tagline is “practically magic”; we don’t know much about the AirPods, but when it comes to the dancing, we’d suggest doing away with the “practically.” It’s magic, straight up.

(The song, by the way, is Marian Hill’s “Down,” which we have a feeling you’ll be hearing alllll over the comp circuit in three…two…one…)

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One Response to Lil Buck’s AirPod Commercial Is Our New Obsession

  1. Jim says:

    I guess by politically incorrect standards anyone who doesn’t know me will call me a racist. However, for 30 or however many years since rap, break dancing, etc has hit American culture and spread throughout the world , I just keep thinking of the children’s story, ” The Emporers New Cloths” by Hans Christian Anderson. With impressionable black youth population exploding, and many fatherless kids, broken homes, black on black crime 800% higher than any other race, it became easy to get that and the following generations to think killing cops, whites etc, screwing bitches, being a gangster rapper, the system has help destroy America. The lack of this artists “so called music” and dance is just a naked industry built on money, perversion and immorality. I worked in this industry directly, but on the service side, body guard, air , ground, touring , videos events etc. this most recent Apple commercial with the guy moonwalking with the repeating words sounds like dumb dumb dumb.

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