Lorde on “SNL” Is All of Us

In the 4 days since Lorde made her “Saturday Night Live” debut, the interwebs haters have had a LOT to say about the dance moves that accompanied her (feels-tastic) new single “Green Light.” Spoiler alert: They haven’t exactly been kind about her uninhibited hairography.

But I disagree with the Internet’s analysis, and here’s why: I proudly fall into the subcategory of trained dancers whose real-life dance-floor moves are, uh, not quite as smooth as our performances of set choreography. I totally recognized myself in epic moments like the Emotional Solo Mosh:

That old standby, the Don’t Touch Me I’m Fabulous:

Don’t ever forget the Oops Did I Get Too Crazy There?

When in doubt, there’s always the Super Subtle Shimmy:

At the end of the day, who actually cares what the trolls have to say? Miss Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor is feeling herself, and it’s so darn relatable. (For the record though, we wouldn’t at all be opposed to a future choreo collab with fellow New Zealander music/dance royalty Parris Goebel.) Keep grooving and carry on, Lorde.

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