The REAL Stars of the Superbowl

If you’re anything like me, 85 percent of every sporting event you watch is spent scoping out the cheerleaders/dancers. It doesn’t matter if I’m in the stadium or watching the game on ESPN—I’m looking for high kicks and flashy poms.

Photo: New England Patriots/Dwight Darian

With the biggest football game of the year just around the corner, I want to introduce you to the ladies who’ll be cheering on their team and pumping up the crowd: the New England Patriots Cheerleaders. Sadly, the New York Giants don’t have cheerleaders/dancers. (Whhhaat?!) Word on the street is they feel the dancers would take away from the overall game day experience.

False. Dancers improve everything! At least we think so.

I love their pink-for-breast-caner poms! Photo: New England Patriots/Keith Nordstrom

The Patriots Cheerleaders are pretty dang impressive. Not only are they super-fit and stunningly beautiful, but they were recently named the best cheerleading squad in the NFL in 2012 by CNBC’s sports business columnist Darren Rovell. Plus, they’ve got some serious smarts: nearly every dancer has a college degree!

So, who will I be rooting for this Superbowl? The New England Patriots Cheerleaders, of course! Who will you be cheering on?

Think you’d make an awesome Patriots Cheerleader? Show ’em what you’ve got March 3, at the 2012 auditions.

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