Throwback Video of the Day: Britney Dances & Drinks Pepsi

I love a good throwback commercial—especially of the dance variety.

Lately, having dancers promote your product in the background of your ad is pretty standard. Duh, dancers make everything better.

But casting dancers in commercials is nothing new, and I especially adore when a commercial features great dancers and a “not a girl, not yet a woman” celebrity who can groove right along with them.

Case in point: The 2006 “For those who think young” Pepsi commercial featuring one of my all-time faves, Ms. Britney Spears.

The girl could sing (um, more or less).

Hair tutorial, please!

The girl could dance (totally).

Britney gets all "Simply Irresistible"-like...and I'm into it.

And oh yes, the girl could sell a product to even a non-soda drinker like myself.

Oh, you want me to drink Pepsi? But I hate carbonated beverages! Oh well—Britney says it's cool! And Britney can dance!

Super-choreographed commercials? Whatever you’re selling, I’m buying.

Click here to watch Brit Brit dance through the decades and push Pepsi products to fangirls (AKA me) worldwide.

About Alison Feller

Alison Feller is a frequent contributor to Dance Spirit.
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