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How crazy has the rise of the class video been? Within the past year or so, we've basically come to expect that L.A.'s top commercial choreographers will put out a new internet-breaking vid every week. Here are five of our all-time favorites. (And be sure to read a whole lot more about the class video trend in the May/June issue of Dance Spirit.)

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One of the best things about "So You Think You Can Dance" is that it's become a launching pad not only for dancers, but also for choreographers. In fact, I'd argue that the best "STY" choreographers, returning season after season, have become the show's brightest-burning stars.

And Nigel Lythgoe knows it. Which is why he's teamed up with DanceOn to produce "Every Single Step," a new choreography-focused reality show premiering today on the go90 app. "ESS" follows 10 up-and-coming choreographers as they navigate fast-paced, themed challenges, "Project Runway"–style. (Oh, dance gods, PLEASE let there be an "unconventional materials" challenge. Choreographing for Roombas? Sourcing props from the "SYT" costume archives? SO MANY POSSIBILITIES.)

The show's Tim Gunn-ish mentor is none other than Brian Friedman. The star power doesn't end there, either: A new celebrity guest judge will arrive to evaluate the contestants each week. We'll hear words of wisdom from Mandy Moore, NappyTabs, Tessandra Chavez, Rich and Tone, Brooke Lipton, WilldaBeast, Miguel Zarate and Ian Eastwood, with Tricia Miranda and Kenny Ortega coming in to judge the grand finale. You'll spot some familiar faces among the contestants, too, including our friend Cat Cogliandro. And the grand prize? A cool 25,000 bucks.

Download the go90 app to watch the first episode of "Every Single Step" right now. Or, if you're one of those people who likes to savor a few appetizers before diving into the main course, start by watching these two yummy little teasers:

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We are seriously, seriously 'shipping the epic best-friendship of Brian Friedman and Yanis Marshall, a match made in a heaven where everyone wears fabulous 5-inch stilettos at all times. And when the two of them team up to create a routine to the new Britney Spears song? I MEAN.

For their recent joint class at Millennium, Friedman and Marshall cooked up some spicy flamenco-tinged choreo that perfectly complements Britney's "Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés)." Naturally, a veritable who's-who of L.A.'s all-star dance scene came out to slay it, including Kaelynn "KK" Harris, Noelle Marsh, Sloan-Taylor Rabinor, Mollee Gray, Madison Cubbage and 2016 Cover Model Search finalist Kerrynton Jones. And, thank the dance gods, Friedman and Marshall decided to kick off the class video themselves, showing the rest of the world what the dance embodiment of the fire emoji looks like. Just #goals for days.

Happy #MotivationMonday, friends:

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Is there a big "So You Think You Can Dance"-shaped hole in your life right now? This should help fill it: Choreography reality show "Every Single Step," presented by DanceOn and [*Cat Deeley voice*] Mr. Nigel Lythgoe, returns for its second season this Monday. And it promises to scratch the itch you've been feeling in the days since Kida and Fik-Shun were showered with confetti.

A quick refresher: "Every Single Step," which you can watch on the go90 app, follows 10 emerging choreographers as they tackle a series of themed challenges. Their fairy godmother-esque mentor is the fabulous Brian Friedman; the judges include more big, big names from all over the dance world. And the winner receives a cool $25,000 to help jumpstart his or her choreographic career.

This year's judging panel is thoroughly impressive: Tabitha and Napoleon D'umo, Tessandra Chavez, Tyce Diorio, Dave Scott, Tricia Miranda and Ian Eastwood will all be critiquing the contestants. And heyyyy, Comfort Fedoke—we see you in that contestant pool!

Download the go90 app so you can watch "Every Single Step" Season 2 when it premieres this Monday, September 26. And while you're waiting for Monday to roll around, take a look at the preview video below—which includes Brian Friedman saying the word "bamboozled," our new favorite thing:

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I had the weirdest dream last night, you guys.

I dreamed that Brian Friedman choreographed a fantabulous routine to Ariana Grande's "Into You."

OK, that part's not so weird. Brian Friedman being fantabulous is pretty much par for the course, actually.

Here's the crazy part: I dreamed the choreography video featured LITERALLY EVERY DANCER I'M OBSESSED WITH RIGHT NOW.

Best dream ever. (Screenshot via YouTube)

May/June 2016 cover girl Larsen Thompson was there. So was 2016 Cover Model Search finalist Kerrynton Jones. And January 2013 cover girl Ryan Ramirez. And March 2014 "You Should Know"-er Sean Lew. And—yes—2015 May/June cover star Maddie Ziegler made an appearance, too.

Then I woke up and discovered IT WAS ALL REAL.

Happy Friday to me! Happy Friday to everybody!

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We never get bored watching the fierce and fabulous ladies of Brian Friedman's Suga N Spice crew. In their latest video, to "Hit the Gas" by Raven Felix, Amanda Kinert, Sarah Kinert, Trinity Inay, Amy Magsam, Taylor Knight, Leah Roga, Taylor Hatala, Larsen Thompson, Soraia Esteves and Kerrynton Jones hit it hard. This one is definitely more spicy than sweet.

Usually we try to give you a moment of Zen on Fridays, but this video, directed by Ryan Parma and choreographed by Robert Green, has us feeling psyched for the weekend. Enjoy!


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You knew the lovely ladies of the Suga N Spice Crew were amazing. But did you know they were SUPER?

In their latest too-cute-for-words video, the Suga N Spice girls give us an epic dance adventure set to the DC Super Hero Girls theme song, "Get Your Cape On." And Tricia Miranda's ever-fierce choreography transforms each crew member into a different caped crusader. (Taylor Hatala makes the world's most adorable Batgirl, and flame-haired Larsen Thompson as Poison Ivy? It's almost too perfect.) Directed by Brian Friedman and David Moore, the vid is proof that the best way to get over romantic disappointment (what real-life dude would reject Larsen??) is to throw a dance party with your team of superfriends. Obviously.

Enjoy! And if you're a fan of Fraternal Twins Taylor and Larsen, let's just say you'll <3 our May/June issue. Click here to make sure there's a copy heading your way!

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