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Karlie Kloss and Les Twins Had a Dance-Off

  You know what I want for my birthday? A box full of supermodel Karlie Kloss and Les Twins. WeMore »

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A Lindy-Hop Versus Hip-Hop Dance Battle FTW

You know those days when you’re a little bit down on dance? Maybe you just don’t feel like going toMore »

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Dance-Off, Starring Kathryn McCormick and Shane Harper, Drops Tomorrow!

You can never really have enough Romeo-and-Juliet-esque dance dramas, amiright? I mean, we’ll continue to eat up every new StepMore »

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Harry Potter vs. Twighlight: The Dance-off Edition

Are you a Gryffindor or a Slytherin? #TeamJacob or #TeamEdward? It’s been a while since we’ve asked ourselves these deepMore »

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Dance Battle: Spider-Man v. Baby Spider-Man

Remember Evian’s gloriously adorable dancing babies commercial? Well imagine what would happen if that commercial were bitten by a radioactiveMore »

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A Veterans Day Salute to These Awesome Dancing Marine Corps Members

Happy Veterans Day, everyone! As the country takes a moment to honor all the amazing men and women who’ve servedMore »

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