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The Switch Firebird

Grace Gerring, a former member of the 14-time National Championship–winning University of Minnesota Dance Team, shows off one of theMore »

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The “I” in Team

You’re used to dancing solos at competition, but now you’ve been cast in a large group piece. Or maybe you’reMore »

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Life Lessons from a Brooklyn Nets Kid

Here’s a Dance Spirit NBA playoffs update: Last night, the Brooklyn Nets lost to the Toronto Raptors in Game 4.More »

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They Are the Champions

Imagine an artist with the technique of a classical ballerina, the jaw-dropping athleticism of a b-girl, the charisma of aMore »

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10 Reasons to Join a Dance Team

Think it’s all about cheering from the sidelines? Think again! Here’s why you should consider going out for your school’sMore »

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Dressing by the Rules

Add more personality to your rehearsal clothes without breaking your team’s dress code.

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