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via @phil_wright_ on Instagram

Well, this brings class videos to a whole new level! Choreographer Phil Wright and dancer Ashley Liai have been together eight-plus years, but she was still in total shock when he proposed to her mid-dance at Millennium Dance Complex earlier this week. Why? Well, the whole thing was unbelievably perfect.

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Who among us hasn't been sucked into watching hours on end of dance videos? (✋ Guilty 😬 )

Irresponsible? Maybe. Worth it? Absolutely!

Think you're a true dance video guru? Challenge your dance world knowledge by matching these screenshots from popular dance videos with the choreographers who created them. It's trickier than you might expect!

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Watch This

Why limit dance to the stage? Dance and film are made for each other—and these days, technology allows choreographers to create pretty incredible things for the camera. We've rounded up 6 of our favorite dance concept videos for your viewing pleasure.

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OK, so maybe people don't generally wish each other a "Happy Labor Day," but when it's a day that allows for a long weekend, I say it's a happy one! (Though in case you're wondering the real meaning, Labor Day is a U.S. federal holiday, observed on the first Monday of September, that celebrates the social and economic contributions of workers. And also BBQs. Don't quote me on that last part though.)

If you're off from school or work today, I hope you're spending this unofficial last day of summer as lazily as possible.

So why not spend the day watching one of the greatest dance videos I've seen in a while?

It's titled "Craziest Dance Routines!!!!!" but that's just to get your attention. The video is really 11 minutes of the best breakin' routines from the R16 Korea World Championships, which were held in July.

Warning: Don't try these moves at home! Or do. Just stay on the carpet.

Sometimes, after a long week—and thanks to Hurricane Sandy, for many of us, this week has felt epically long—you just need a good laugh. If that laugh is prompted by a funny dance video, well, all the better.

As ever, we're here to help. Here are the two videos that've been our saving graces recently.

Behold: The (3-year-old) reincarnation of Michael Jackson.

Behold: The crazy dude in the commercial for UNO Roboto (which looks totally creepy, by the way).

Feeling better now? We thought so. And if you need more, spend some time poking around on dancemedia.com, a veritable treasure trove of danspiration.

Happy weekend, everyone!

Dance News

Ohhh boy. It is a weird day, to put it mildly.

Since the political conversation is dominating every news and social media network in the world, we wanted to give you somewhere to escape, if you need to. And the best way to escape is to watch a bunch of beautiful, life-affirming, soul-soothing dance videos.

This isn't a scientific or comprehensive selection. It's just the clips we tend to turn to when we need more happy in our lives.

Alessandra Ferri and Julio Bocca in the balcony pas de deux from Romeo and Juliet

Their chemistry is otherworldly. This is one of the most difficult pas in all of ballet, but they make it look natural as...well, being in love.

The ReQuest and Royal Family dance crews in Justin Bieber's "Sorry" video

Delicious, candy-coated happy. And so much of it.

The Nicholas Brothers in Stormy Weather

Fred Astaire called this the greatest dance number ever filmed. That wasn't really hyperbole.

Mikhail Baryshnikov and Gregory Hines in "Duo Dance" from White Nights

Two greats (three, if you count choreographer Twyla Tharp). One beautiful studio. One super-cheesy 80s song. Pure magic.

Lacey Schwimmer and Danny Tidwell in "Hip Hip Chin Chin" from "So You Think You Can Dance" Season 3

An A-list Latin dancer and an A-list ballet dancer who could convince us he might be an A-list Latin dancer. That's what "SYT" is all about, Charlie Brown.

Natalia Osipova in Kitri's Act I variation from Don Quixote

Here's Osipova back in 2008—one of her early performances as Kitri, a role that she now definitively owns—showing us what it means to LIVE onstage.

Beyoncé, Ebony Williams and Ashley Everett in the "Single Ladies" video

It's hard to choose just one Beyoncé video. But if you have to choose, you choose this one. Seven years later, it's still—yes, Kanye—one of the best videos of all time.

Tricia Miranda's choreo to Sharaya J's "Banji"—specifically, tiny Gabe De Guzman doing said choreo

We know this is a less conventional choice, but JUST WATCH GABE. He's in the front of the first group, a wee dude (this is from 2013) absolutely, unequivocally dominating Miranda's inspired choreography. If this doesn't give you hope for the future, nothing will.

The finale of Center Stage's closing ballet

I've got canned heat in my heels, and magical color-changing pointe shoes, and two world-class ballet dudes who want me, and I am NAILING MY FOUETTÉS. Life is good.

Breathe, everyone. And don't skip class today. Dance helps everything.

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On the set of "Let It Go" (courtesy Talia Favia)

Odds are good you've seen a T. Milly—aka Tim Milgram—production: He's filmed class routines for the likes of Tricia Miranda and Brian Friedman, and his concept videos for the Fraternal Twins and 8 Flavahz crew have garnered millions of views. You've also probably encountered talented choreographer Talia Favia, a Capezio A.C.E. Award winner whose lush creations are highly camera-friendly.So what does it take to capture the essence of a dance on film? And what makes choreography pop on screen? Dance Spirit got the scoop from Milgram and Favia, who discussed “Let It Go," the popular video they collaborated on last year.

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