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How To Talk To Your Doctor

Podiatrist Thomas Novella remembers one of his first interactions with dancer feet. Fresh out of podiatry school, he saw aMore »

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Our Sunday Spotlight Roundup

Here at DS, we’re big believers in our Sunday #MomentofZen. It’s important to take a day to recharge and prep forMore »

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Hips Don’t Lie

If there’s one thing that separates ballroom dancers from everyone else, it’s their swinging, sassy hips. Hip action—the rotation ofMore »

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Are you a super-bendy dancer? Support your core with these four stabilizing exercises.  

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Welcome to L.A.

Whether you’re planning a move to Hollywood, new in town or visiting the area for just a week, let theMore »

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Hoofer Status

When we talk about tap, we often use the terms “tapper” and “hoofer” interchangeably—but the two aren’t really synonymous. “More »

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