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The Dance Video for Major Lazer’s “Cold Water” Is ? ? ?

Here’s a no-fail recipe for music video magic: Take one delicious Major Lazer song. Sprinkle it with sonic pinches ofMore »

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Want to Dance with Justin Bieber? Here’s Your Chance

Big news, Beliebers—Justin Bieber himself wants YOU to dance with him. Bieber’s Purpose tour creative director Nick Demoura announced the contest Friday.More »

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What Dancers Really Want for Christmas

Dear Santa, Hi! How are you? Busy, I bet! Har har. (Ho ho?) Look, I know I’m late—it’s Christmas Eve,More »

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Briar Nolet and Myles Erlick Bring the Heat in New Video

Here at the DS offices, our Bieber-fever‘s still piping hot. And thanks to Myles Erlick (who plays Billy Elliot on Broadway)More »

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Everyone You’re Obsessed with Is in Bieber’s “Purpose: The Movement”

I say this publicly and without shame: I, Margaret Fuhrer, a fully-grown woman, spent much of my weekend watching JustinMore »

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Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” Video Is an Epic Dance Party

You’ve been dancing around the house/school hallway/studio ever since Justin Bieber dropped his irresistibly catchy new single, “Sorry.” That’s notMore »

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