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Yes, Keone and Mari Madrid were dance-world superstars long before they choreographed and starred in the video for Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself." But many non-dancey people—i.e., everyone from your third-grade BFF to your Aunt Linda—first fell in love with the duo after watching the Bieber vid, which currently has a casual 1.2 billion views on YouTube.

These days, Keone and Mari are busy charming even more fans as contestants on NBC's "World of Dance." And when Cosmopolitan sat down with the couple recently to talk about competing on the show, we also got some very interesting details about how the "Love Yourself" video came to be.

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You read that right, folks—Keone and Mari Madrid, aka the cutest dance couple ever, aka our flawless November 2015 cover stars, will be releasing 15 new videos (one a day!) from June 15–29. This might seem too good to be true, but leave it to the Madrids to deliver. The first handful of videos are out already, and they're obviously incredible, featuring lots of classic Madrid moves and styles. It's amazing and inspiring to watch these two continue to evolve as choreographers and artists, and this project is no doubt going to be stunning to watch. Check out the videos already released, and make sure to follow along for the next 15 days!

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Keone and Mari Madrid celebrated Earth Day in the danciest way possible with the release of their latest short video, "Sound and Color." Set to the song by the Alabama Shakes, the vid honors Mother Nature and all her beauty, with the Madrids embodying planted seeds: They literally emerge from the dirt and "grow" into some gorgeously realized choreography.

Screenshot via Vimeo

They end up covered in mud from head to toe—but leave it to our fave husband-and-wife choreographic team to make dirt look like the coolest accessory.

Screenshot via Vimeo

Check out the full video below, and let us know how you celebrated Earth Day!

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Keone and Mari Madrid are one of the cutest dance couples around (and if you need a reminder why, refer back to our November 2015 cover feature on the two insanely talented dancer-choreographers). So, understandably, we get pretty excited when they release a new project. Their latest video, however, is unlike anything they've made before—and we're obsessed.

Who needs Left Shark when you've got Left Vid and Right Vid?! (via YouTube)

Appropriately titled "Dual," the video is split into two, with a "Right" side and "Left" side. To get the entire experience, it requires two screens (or if you're on the computer, two windows open and placed next to each other). Once the videos are side-by-side, you press play and let the magic unfold before your eyes. Keone explained to The Daily Dot: "I haven’t seen a video that actually forces a user to create the experience for themselves in order to experience it correctly. We want people to see dancing as more than what you normally see." We don't want to spoil too much—experience it for yourselves by clicking both videos below!

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Keone and Mariel Madrid are the definition of adorable, and it's no surprise that their cover shoot was, too. Check out this video for a behind the scenes look, and a special "hello" from the Madrids!



I'm just going to come out and say it: I want to see Keone and Mari Madrid choreograph a full-length narrative hip-hop show. They got their feet wet in January with Time for Love, but I think all of their adoring fans would agree with me when I say that we're ready for something bigger. They are such natural storytellers with their bodies, and they have hip-hop partnering on lock.

Case in point: Their latest performance at the En Dance Showcase in Tokyo, Japan, has a narrative arc and the emotional depth we've come to expect from their super-precise choreography. Enjoy!

Oh, and if they do end up creating a full length show sometime soon, you heard it here first!


P.S. If you love the Madrids, then you're going to loooove our November issue. Just saying...

You guys, I have goosebumps. And not because it's currently like 60 degrees in NYC. (C'mon, June weather. Where you at?) Nope, today's goosebumps are of the #chillz variety, because I just watched Keone and Mari Madrid's final performance with Choreo Cookies. *sob*

You probably remember this crew—which regularly dominates on the hip-hop comp circuit—from their 2014 Body Rock performance, "The Silent Cookie." We raved about the Cookies' ability to incorporate their substantial numbers (32 and counting, last we checked) into seamlessly coordinated routines. The crew is also noteworthy for its clean production; costumes, lighting and stage design are always on point. The fact that they have Keone and Mari Madrid on their side is just icing on the cake.

But the husband and wife team has made the tough decision to leave the Cookies, after eight great years with the crew. While they haven't given any explicit reasons behind their decision, Keone offered this statement on Instagram: "No need to go into into detail as of yet, but just know that this is completely a decision based on positivity and future aspects of life."

Choreo Cookies' 2015 Body Rock set marked the Madrids' final performance as Cookies. Set to John Mayer's "Gravity," the piece is about overcoming fear. The real standout was the lighting: The stage was quite dark for much of the performance, with faint, yellow light highlighting different sections at a time. In this way, the Cookies created a sense of isolation and disconnect, despite their substantial numbers.

"Keep me where the light is."

Spoiler alert: Toward the end of the piece, the lights come up and you see the whole crew, dancing in perfect unison. Prepare for the #chillz to hit you hard at that point. Check it out!

We can't wait to see what the future holds for both the Madrids and Choreo Cookies!

These days, watching the news can feel pretty depressing. It seems like there's a lot of hate—between countries, political parties, even members of the same family. But just because hatred hogs most of the media spotlight doesn't mean we're living in a loveless world. One of the things we can do as artists is highlight the bond of shared humanity, (excuse the High School Musical reference but) the "we're all in this together" mentality that can be so much more powerful than any war.

You've probably heard dance referred to as the universal language. For example, at least twice within the last couple of years, we've witnessed U.S./Iraq communication through dance: first with the break-dancing diplomats of First Step Iraq, then with the Skype dance student Aadel Qies Aadel. But dance's power to bridge oceans can happen on a much smaller scale, too. Maybe you've danced with an international student at a summer intensive, or been one yourself. Or perhaps you've seen a company like Nederlands Dans Theater or Batsheva perform, or studied with a choreographer from outside the U.S. Point being, the dance world is super small, so chances are, you've already had at least one international dance experience.

This idea inspired Keone Madrid's most recent video, set to John Mayer's "Bold As Love." The video features members of Madrid's biological family (including his adorable baby sister), as well as members of his widespread dance family—namely members of the Japanese crew Stkgz. The message is powerful: The boldness of love overpowers hate. And the choreo is true to Madrid's distinctly musical style. Seriously, his ability to capture every single sound in a completely original way is ridiculous. Check it out!


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