What better way to kick off this 3-day weekend than with a video from Kyle Hanagami? Especially when it's half concept video and half class video?!

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Hey everyone! You know what I'd like right now? Something gentle, groovy, intricate but still open to interpretation...basically, Kyle Hanagami choreo. Do you agree? Then look no further than his latest class video, set to Shawn Mendes' "Mercy."

We love that Hanagami is taking time to make these class vids. Yes, everybody's doing it, and yes we still love his high-concept stuff, but it's a great way to stealth-learn his moves, scope some of his favorite dancers and watch his style evolve in a more casual setting.


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You guys, the amazing news from Jennifer Lopez's "World of Dance" TV show just keeps rolling in. The latest? Kyle Hanagami has been confirmed as the show's supervising choreographer.

Of course, we already know that J.Lo is an executive producer (among other roles) but Tabitha and Napoleon Dumo are also executive producers on the show, and they're super involved in the hip-hop competition circuit, so it's no surprise they tapped a young choreographic talent like Hanagami. We're not sure if being a supervisor means he'll be selecting choreographers in different styles, or if we'll see the contestants perform Hanagami's own work—we're holding out for both!

We'll continue to update you as we learn more, but for now we're happy to sit back and watch the dance stars align. Here's one of Hanagami's latest choreo vids to help hold you over until the show starts:

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Courtesy Haley Fitzgerald

Haley Fitzgerald—aka the leading lady in some of our favorite Kyle Hanagami videos and dancer in Jennifer Lopez: All I Have in Las Vegas—has the inside scoop on dance-class style, plus advice for dancers building their own look.

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Even though he's one of the kings of hip hop, Kyle Hanagami's latest video, danced to Lukas Graham's "7 Years," is—dare I say it?—very nearly a contemporary duet. Yes, it's performed by two regulars from his hip-hop #squad: Haley Fitzgerald and Guero Charles. And yes, it's very much a Kyle Hanagami video, from the moody lighting to the rhythmically punctuated choreo. But this one is also light and gentle, something that doesn't always show up in his work.

How would you describe this dance? Contemporary? Hip hop? A little bit of both? Let us know in the comments section, below.


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Kyle Hanagami is a born leader: He brings people together and makes everyone incredibly excited to help execute his vision. From his process to his results, there's just no other way to put it.

So it's no surprise that one of his latest projects also involved a big group of very happy dancers. But this time, instead of a high-concept video, it was an invite-only class for some of the hottest young people in the industry.

It's easy to see why these crazy-amazing kids were invited. Not only are they nailing the choreo, they're doing it all with a genuine smile. I love me some stank face, but I really love the unbridled joy of performing. Check it out:


Side note: Are you as obsessed with the evolution of Kyle's choreography as I am? His range is growing and this combo has his signature swagger mixed with concert-dance technical elements. This makes me very excited for things to come!

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