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Finished reading The Maddie Diaries and hungry for more Maddie Ziegler book news? Maddie gets it. That's why she just shared the cover and synopsis of her new novel, The Audition, which comes out this October.

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It's finally the weekend, which means it's time for lots of hanging out, unwinding from a long week of dancing and watching Maddie Ziegler and Mackenzie Ziegler on "Cooking with Kenz!". The younger Ziegler sister's latest YouTube vid is eight-and-a-half minutes of hilariousness, sisterly bickering and baking—with a special cameo from their mom, Melissa, and fluffy pup, Maliboo. We've gotta give credit where credit's due, because the chocolate concoctions they make look insanely delicious. So if you need us, we'll be testing out this recipe from our new favorite YouTube cooking series with our favorite pair of dancing sibs. Check it out below!


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When Maddie Ziegler announced she was debuting a clothing line (in addition to casually writing a book, starring in more Sia videos and judging "SYTYCD" like it's #NBD), we knew it was obviously going to be adorable, because, duh—Maddie's constantly giving us outfit envy. Well, we hope your wallets are ready, because MaddieStyle is here, and all of it's going on your wish list. According to the website, they're going for a look that's "A little tomboy. A little girly. Effortless style and cozy fashion basics girls." Every piece is super-cute and (bonus!) can perfectly transition to dance class. Maddie's on the path to world domination, dressed to the nines while she's at it. Catch our favorite pieces below.

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Cat Deeley, we love you, we really do. But when you open the show by telling us that "So You Think You Can Dance" will be taking a two-week "summer vacation" and that means we have to send not one but two dancers home tonight? Well, you break our hearts a little.

Fortunately, though, the two hours of showtime leading up to the double elimination were fun, entertaining, and packed with good stuff. This week, the remaining contestants performed two duets: one with their All-Star, and one with another contestant (yay!). These moments, in particular, had us laughing, crying, and dancing in front of our TVs.

1. Phoenix and Pharside's opening number

The opening number is almost always a highlight because we get to see all the remaining contestants and All-Stars performing together. This Nutcracker-themed hip-hop routine with a kind of dark twist featured Fik-Shun as a jester, Tate and Kathryn as eerie ballerinas, a handful of creepy clowns, and Jordan as a teddy bear. Cat said, "No one likes a freaky clown," but in this case? We were into it.

(Photo via FOX)

2. Tahani and Comfort's lyrical hip-hop routine

Nappytabs doing what Nappytabs does best: emotional hip hop! This narrative piece was about abandonment: Tahani's dad/Comfort's husband has walked out on them, and they're coping with a wall between them. (Really. A literal wall, not just an emotional one.) It was pretty emotional—particularly when Judge Maddie Z. said she could relate, making us all wonder if Mr. Ziegler was watching!—and prompted Nigel to declare Tahani one of his favorites in the competition. Crushed it.

(Photo via FOX)

3. J.T. and Robert's jazz duet

These two just keep the hits coming, week after week. But this week, instead of the emotional contemporary duets they've become known for, J.T. and Robert get some Mandy Moore jazz choreography! And it was, of course, so much fun. It was nice seeing J.T. outside his contemporary bubble, though style doesn't seem to matter: These two are so good together. They were totally in sync the entire time—every turn, every spot, every move was on point. Paula couldn't wipe the grin off her face, and neither could we.

(Photo via FOX)

4. Tate and Kathryn's contemporary masterpiece

"Wait, which one is the kid and which one is the adult? Is the girl in pink the younger one?" my husband asked me in the middle of this routine. And while normally I'd shush him for talking mid-"SYT," he has a point. Tate is literal leaps and bounds above the rest of the competition, and she executed this Travis Wall number flawlessly. The choreography was intense, challenging, and intricate, and the performance was perfection. When the two reconvened for their post-performance talk with the judges, Kathryn was crying. (It's OK, Kathryn. So were we.) Tate is on another level. Kathryn is on another level. Travis is on another level. Love, love, love.

(Photo via FOX)

5. Kida and Ruby's contemporary routine

Another Mandy Moore stunner! The pre-performance rehearsal package footage was all about Kida being uncomfortable and out of his comfort zone. But really? He seemed so smooth and so comfortable onstage, and we felt so proud. Kida has proven himself as the show's go-to hip-hopper, but now his versatility and growth are really shining through. Sure, he may not have the technique of, say, Tate, but he was a strong partner for Ruby, and he connected with her well. The piece earned a standing ovation from the judges, bringing tears to Kida's eyes. And ours. Obviously.

(Photo via FOX)

Other highlights: Emma and Gaby's OMGsofast tap routine, Jordan and Sasha's emotional duet (that shoulder balance!), the Tyce Diorio-choreographed All-Star routine that made us wish for a winter wonderland, Kida and Fik-Shun's unbeelievable routine by superstar Misha Gabriel and Maddie Ziegler's voluminous ponytail.

(Photo via FOX)

But, as Cat said, the double elimination was looming, and ultimately Jake and Jordan were sent home.

(Photo via FOX)

And then there were six...

(Photo via FOX)

See you in two weeks!

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There's something uniquely satisfying about seeing a great music video reenacted onstage. It's confirmation that the artists involved are just as amazing in person as they look on film. It's proof that their charisma isn't some camera trick—that it's just as, if not more, powerful in live performance.

That's why we loved watching Sia and Maddie Ziegler recreate the crazy-popular "Cheap Thrills" video (which about 74 million of you are already obsessed with) on "The Voice" finale earlier this week. There was nothing fancy about the production: just Sia, Sia's wig, Maddie, backup dancers Nick Lanzisera and Wyatt Rocker, and Ryan Heffington's distinctive choreo. But that was enough to set the crowd on fire. And we actually like Sia's voice even better live—it has an appealing roughness to it, right?

(Sia has really embraced the whole "recreate the video" thing for "Cheap Thrills": She and Maddie lookalike Stephanie Mincone basically won Coachella with a similar performance of the song.)

Maddie fans, get ready to see a lot more of Miss Z: Her turn as the youngest "So You Think You Can Dance" judge ever starts with the show's season premiere on Monday night. Color us intrigued...

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Remember when we introduced you to Glen Keane's animation masterpiece, Duet? Well, the truly beautiful combo of dance and drawing strikes again. NYC-based illustrator Sydney St. Clare's Instagram feed is a feast for the eyes—filled with dozens of (hand-drawn!) animated sketches of some top-notch dancers, St. Clare's whimsically wonderful world is easy to get lost in. Check out DS's favorites below!

"As a matter of fact I rather feel like expressing myself now."

A video posted by Sydney St. Clare (@sydneystclare) on

Bloom where you're planted. @lucy_vallely A video posted by Sydney St. Clare (@sydneystclare) on

Happy Sunday! Thank you all for your feedback on my last post - I'm currently working on some of your suggestions right now ☺️ in the mean time, I wanted to share this piece with you in honor of Chloe's awesomeness. It was so fun making this because it felt like I was animating Cinderella ? this is from Chloe's dance in Bianca Ryan's "Alice" music video. Check it out! Such a good song too. Enjoy! ? Dancer: @chloelukasiak Song: Alice - @officialbiancaryan #art #illustration #illustrationgram #drawing #animation #animationdance #gif #handdrawn #movement #lyrical #contemporary #alice #chloelukasiak #digitalart #biancaryan #alicemusicvideo #happysunday #getwellsoon #studio19 #choreography #dance #dancer #dancing #madethis #adobe A video posted by Sydney St. Clare (@sydneystclare) on

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Yes, you read that right. Our favorite pre-teen celebrity is now a brand ambassador for Capezio.

Maddie's no stranger to fashion shoots, and she absolutely kills it in her Capezio photos. I mean, just look at this gorgeousness:

(Photo by Sinisha Nisevic via Capezio)

As usual, Maddie has a knack for switching up her look and body language to suit the moment, whether it's performing in one of Sia's emotionally draining music videos, walking the red carpet at an awards show or fashion event or posing in a fashion editorial. She and her #fiercehair are just unstoppable. Congrats, Maddie!

Let's not pretend like we were watching last night's results show for any reason other than to see Allison Holker and Maddie Ziegler perform "Chandelier." (Spoiler: It was amazing.) But since a little delayed gratification never hurt anybody, can we focus for one second on Julianne Hough's scandalous costume and super-sexy dance with the male pros?


I always like it when judges get up and dance (remember that time on "SYTYCD" when Nigel got up onstage and tapped with the kids from Debbie Allen Dance Academy?). It reminds us why they're sitting behind the table in the first place.

Then, we got a very dramatic trio to a very charming song: Nico and Vinz performed "Am I Wrong" while three of the pros danced. Now that "DWTS" is experimenting with contemporary dance, I wonder if we'll see the same growth in the pros as we do with contemporary dancers on "SYTYCD" who are asked to perform ballroom routines.


Okay, so about Maddie and Allison...

AMAZING! Their energy was totally explosive, and Maddie looked more polished and mature than I've ever seen her (maybe being around Allison will do that to you). Congrats, ladies, on an excellent performance.


Sadly, we said goodbye to Tavis Smiley and Sharna Burgess. But you guys, next week is movie themed! I can only hope that we'll see a lot of John Travolta references.


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