Quick, who's your favorite ballerina?

It's nearly impossible to choose just one. If I was forced to narrow my list down to my top five, I'd have to include Royal Ballet principal Lauren Cuthbertson.

Not only is she the absolute picture of English refinement and classicism, she's also one of the most down-to-earth ballerinas out there. And one look at her Instagram will convince you she's hilarious, too.

In Portrait of a Dancer, a new video by Andrew Margetson, we get to see Cuthbertson almost fully recovered from a devastating foot injury she sustained in 2014. On her Instagram, she notes that she'd only been back in pointe shoes for a week (!) when this film was made. There are a few, very slight, wobbles, in her dancing but you can see her strength shine through.

Oh, and we are LIVING for that balance at the very end. How's that for some weekend inspiration?


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The art of a captivating dance video is hard to master, but it's safe to say that online content platform NOWNESS has it down pat. They've created one perfect dance video after another, and just knocked it out of the park again with this stunning Versace collaboration. It's got everything—amazing clothing? Check! A drool-worthy cityscape to dance around? Check! Two striking dancers with some serious skills? And check! Do yourself a favor and check it out below. We guarantee you'll be watching on repeat.

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You know it's a good day when yet another stunning dance video hits the Internet. It's a great day, however, when that video features some of New York City Ballet's beautiful dancers, twirling around a rustic farm in suits, ballgowns and tutus. The company's 2016–2017 season campaign was released earlier this year, with its elegant black-and-white photos shot by the famed Peter Lindbergh. But in true NYCB fashion, they also filmed this video, which was just released on NOWNESS. (Also, kudos to NOWNESS, whose platform continues to showcase amazing dance videos.) Words don't really suffice when explaining how much we love this vid, so do yourselves a favor and check it out below:


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The website NOWNESS has given us some amazing dance videos, all of which are both beautifully produced and danced. Well, we've got another to the list—Kings of Spank, the NYC-based dance crew, was just featured in a short film that recently debuted on the site. In it, we meet crew members Spaceman, Kidd Patt and NayNay, who show off their skills in a dance-off while explaining via voiceovers how dance makes them who they are. The sentiments, ranging from the "Joy, love, power and togetherness" that dance promotes, to how dance helps push away all the negativity we're constantly faced with, are refreshing and inspiring. Not to mention, these three have some insanely cool moves (1:02 is a personal favorite of mine—just saying!). Check out the full video below.

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Christmas is now officially 364 days away, but it's never too early to start working on those wish lists for 2016! And the chance to see Sarah Lamb, a principal dancer with The Royal Ballet, perform Wayne McGregor's Woolf Works is already securely at the top of mine. Even if that doesn't happen, the dance gods have luckily gifted us with a little preview—Lamb appears in a new NOWNESS video, "Portrait of a Dancer," performing excerpts from Woolf Works. While nothing beats the stage, it's still amazing to watch Lamb's otherworldly movement quality and ethereal presence grace the camera. Lauren Cuthbertson, another stellar principal with The Royal Ballet, was also recently featured in this series, which focuses on the artists of the company—it's safe to say I'll be crossing my fingers for more! Check it out below.

Shopaholics, consider yourselves warned. What we're about to show you may be too much for you to handle.

Just last week, NOWNESS (an online platform that posts daily content about some aspect of luxury lifestyle—art, fashion, travel, food, design, etc.) posted a video short entitled Mine All Mine, with choreography by Italian Paolo Mangiola. The video features five stunning contemporary dancers from Sadler's Wells Theatre in London, England, modeling pieces by top fashion designers like Louis Vuitton, La Perla, Kenzo, Bottega Veneta, Haider Ackermann, Rick Owens and Maison Martin Margiela. In the video, the dancers move in and out of the clothing, seamlessly swapping items as they dance throughout the space.

But here's the dangerous part: This video is an interactive, "shoppable" video. Basically, this means that you can click on the clothes you like as the dancers move in them. Then, when you're done watching the video, you can go back and review the items you selected. AND BUY THEM.

If you dare to watch the interactive version of the video, click here. But if you don't trust yourself, here's a "safe" version of the video, where you can just enjoy the stunning visuals of dance and high fashion without the shopping temptation:



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