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From YouTube to the boob tube, Keone and Mari Madrid seem to be everywhere these days—and that’s just the wayMore »

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Choreographing for Two

Sizzling tension, intoxicating romance, heart-wrenching drama: Whether we’re talking about a “So You Think You Can Dance” routine, the BlackMore »

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A Look at “city.ballet.” Episode 9: Partnering

It takes two to tango, so this week’s installment of online reality show “city.ballet.” gives us the inside scoop onMore »

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Partnering for Newbies

You’re at a summer intensive, taking your first pas de deux class—ever. Your palms sweat as you grasp your partner’sMore »

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Up Close and Personal: Intimate Choreography

Picture this: Three couples—one heterosexual, one lesbian and one gay—perform a whirlwind of passionate movement, with the dancers embracing, liftingMore »

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Making Contact: Preparing for Intimate Partnering Work

Try these exercises in preparation for intimate partnering work. If you’re feeling nervous about the “touching” part of partnering work,More »

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