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Learn to Turn

Consistent turns are a must for aspiring professional dancers, but pretty much everyone struggles with pirouettes at some point. Luckily,More »

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Gillian Murphy’s Pirouettes Are UNREAL

So, I haven’t been pirouetting much for a few years now. But when I was dancing, I used to haveMore »

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Nifty Tip of the Day: Smile! You’ll Turn Better

Not all of us are born with Gillian Murphy’s innate turning ability. But if you’re having trouble with your pirouettes,More »

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Sophia Lucia Sets New Guinness World Record for Pirouettes!

When we last caught up with rising star Sophia Lucia, she mentioned she was going to attempt to break theMore »

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Turn It Around

Nothing makes an audience go wild like a fierce pirouette sequence, and great jazz performers can make countless turns lookMore »

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Video Break Time!

Need a little motivation before your next ballet class? Check out 20-year-old ballet dancer Osiel Giros. Let’s just say, WOAH!More »

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