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Introducing: Robo-Pointe-Shoes

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about new technology designed to capture to capture the movement of dance. The … Continue reading

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How the Pros Prep Their Pointe Shoes

Ah, pointe shoe rituals: Few things are more fascinating—or more personal. Discovering the tricks that work best for your shoes and … Continue reading

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Pointe Shoe Picks

Whether it’s your first pair or your 50th, picking out the right pointe shoes can be difficult. Dance Spirit talked … Continue reading

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Old Pointe Shoes Get an Artistic Makeover

Ever wonder what the heck to do with that pile of old pointe shoes you’re sick of staring at in … Continue reading


Giant Pointe Shoes About to Attack Saratoga

OK, not exactly. But Saratoga Springs’ National Museum of Dance is about to launch a nifty giant-pointe-shoe-related art project, dubbed … Continue reading


Am I Ready for Pointe?

  Nothing compares to that magical moment when your teacher says you’re ready for your first pair of pointe shoes. … Continue reading

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