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You Must Watch This T-Rex Dance Choreo from A Chorus Line

We know, the Monday struggle is reallll today. Which is why we’re introducing you to this gem of a viralMore »

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89-year-old Ballerina Proves Age Is Just a Number

89-year-old Doris Lee Davis Pritchett is currently taking the internet by storm—and warming all dance-loving hearts while she’s at it.More »

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You “Can’t Touch This” Mother-Son Dancing Duo

It’s time to make a case for the forgotten dance of wedding dances: the mother-son dance. Sure, we get butterfliesMore »

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’Tis the Season for Family Bonding…

Remember this year’s #Thanksgivingdancewars? Well, if the Hough, Menounos and Ballas families inspired you to get your dance on withMore »

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