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School Buzz: The 2010 Future Star Award Winners

DS traveled all over the country this summer to see you shine at Nationals. Meet this year’s winners of the Dance Spirit Future Star Award. Congrats, dancers!

Katie Ann Martinez

Patricia Penenori Dance Center, Miami, FL

American Dance Awards, Orlando, FL

Cara Zeph

Patricia Ann Dance Studio, Dunedin, FL


Aimee Otte

Southern Strut Dance Center, Inc., Brunswick, GA

Platinum Dance Competition, Panama City, FL

Cara Mund

Let’s Dance Studio, Bismarck, ND

Spotlight Dance Cup, Branson, MO

Lani Yamanaka

Carlsbad Dance Centre, Carlsbad, CA

Spotlight Dance Cup, Anaheim, CA

Seth Toups

Center Stage Productions, Bryan, TX

Starbound, San Antonio, TX

Samantha Braine

Dance Stop, Parlin, NJ

Starbound, Atlantic City, NJ

Michael Place

Deborah’s Stage Door Center for the Performing Arts, Rochester Hills, MI

Starbound, Orlando, FL

Megan Poon

The Dance Corps, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Starpower, Myrtle Beach, SC

Tori Cullo

Dancensations Dance Center, Alexandria, VA

Starpower, Ocean City, MD

Mercedes Bolden

Weir Dancin, Matthews, NC

Starpower, Las Vegas, NV

Becca Hopkins

Steppin’ Out—The Studio, Lee’s Summit, MO

Starpower, Branson, MO

Bailey Krouse

Art in Motion Dance Studio, Champaign, IL

Starpower, Branson, MO

Paulina Macias

The Dance Zone, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Starpower, Orlando, FL

Stephanie Noble

Dance Dimensions, New Milford, NJ

Starpower, Ocean City, MD

Amanda Ray

Dance Revolution With Erika, Revere, MA

Step Up 2 Dance, Manchester, NH

Paige Borowski

Carousel Dance Studio, West Hills, CA

Tremaine Dance Conventions, Orlando, FL

Cami Spring

Studio Bleu Dance Center, Ashburn, VA

Revolution National Talent Competition, Washington, D.C.

Deanna Tomasetta

Elite Academy of Dance, Shrewsbury, MA

StarQuest, Virginia Beach, VA

Dancer to Dancer

Much of Janelle Ginestra's career has been about helping others shine. She's dedicated herself to supporting and cheerleading her partner, WilldaBeast Adams; the emerging talents in their dance company, ImmaBEAST; and the countless dancers she inspires at master classes and conventions. Her YouTube channel has become a launching pad for young talents like "Fraternal Twins" Larsen Thompson and Taylor Hatala, thanks to viral videos featuring Ginestra's creative vision.

But Ginestra's a skyrocketing success in her own right—an in-demand choreographer, a social media influencer, and a dance entrepreneur, building a legacy one eight-count at a time. It's time for her turn in the spotlight. And she's more than ready. "I want to be a legend in whatever I do," she says. We'd argue that she already is.

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Win It
Courtesy CAA

You read that right, people—Dance Spirit's giving away two tickets to the "SYTYCD" tour in the city of your choice, complete with an exclusive meet & greet with select cast members! Read on for the complete prize listing and official rules.

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Tiler Peck and Chase Finlay in Swan Lake (photo by Paul Kolnik)

For ballerinas, it's the dream role to end all dream roles: Odette/Odile in Swan Lake, the type of part dancers spend years preparing for and whole careers perfecting. And it's a role that New York City Ballet principal Tiler Peck never thought she'd dance. Though Peck is one of the world's preeminent ballerinas, her short stature made Odette/Odile, typically performed by longer, leggier dancers, seem (almost literally) out of reach.

Then—surprise!—her name popped up on the cast list for NYCB's fall season run of Swan Lake.

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Low on dancewear inspiration? Return to the classics in bold black and elegant white.

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Lani Dickinson's power, grace, and raw presence make her a standout with AXIS Dance Company, whose mission is to change the face of dance and disability by featuring a mix of disabled and non-disabled performers. Born in China, Dickinson was adopted by an American couple and started dancing at 8 in Towson, MD. She attended the Boston Ballet School for two summers, studied at the Idyllwild Arts Academy for the last two years of high school, and graduated with a dance degree from Alonzo King LINES Ballet's BFA program with Dominican University of California. In 2015, she joined AXIS and won a Princess Grace Award. Catch her this month during AXIS Dance Company's 30th-anniversary season—and read on for The Dirt!

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Dance News

Week five of "Dancing with the Stars" proved to be one of the best weeks of the season so far. (And we're not just saying that because Mickey made a cameo debut on the piano during one of the routines—although that certainly didn't hurt!) Everyone brought their A-game, and with such a fun theme the contestants were able to really let their guards down. There was true sincerity in their dancing that we hadn't seen before. But not all Disney stories end with a "happily ever after," and one couple still had to hang up their dancing shoes.

If there's one week you should watch all the routines of it's undoubtedly this one... But, ICYMI, scroll below for our highlights of the night.

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Dance News
Via Facebook

Almost a month out, Puerto Rico continues to suffer the devastating aftereffects of Hurricane Maria. Many of the island's residents still lack power, clean water, and safe housing. Ballet classes? For Puerto Rican dance students, they must feel like an impossible luxury.

But a dance studio in Florida is working to allow a group of young Puerto Ricans to continue their training. And it needs your help.

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Dancer to Dancer
Gianluca Russo (via Instagram)

Yes, I am a dancer, and yes, I am fat.

There's nothing quite as soul-crushing as the reactions I've received when I've told people I dance. They can range from disbelief to confusion to shock. To many people, it's somehow incomprehensible that a plus-size person like myself could grace a stage. While the body-positive movement has been trucking along at full force over the past few years, it hasn't made much progress in the dance community yet. In fact, the words "body positivity" and "dance" are almost never used together in the same sentence.

Despite that fact, dance is what helped me learn to love my larger frame. In honor of National Body Confidence Day, I wanted to talk about my first time in a studio, and about the tremendous progress I've made since.

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