Miracle Massage Tools + Snack Time!


After a long day in the studio, your body is probably begging for a little TLC. While a fancy spa massage isn’t always an option, these (much cheaper!) DIY massage tools can help soothe sore muscles and work out your peskiest kinks so you’ll wake up tomorrow ready to do it all again.

Knobble II (courtesy Pressure Positive)

The Knobble II (courtesy Pressure Positive)

The Knobble II
This hand-held massage tool helps you apply the intense pressure you need to break up your toughest knots—without making your hands tired and cramped. For more, check out

The Davinci Tool (courtesy of Body Back)

The Davinci Tool (courtesy Body Back)

The DaVinci Tool
The perfect neck massager (you can just lie on it!), the DaVinci Tool is available in firm and soft strengths and has three different edges to help you relieve aches and pains from head to toe. Get yours at

The Thera Cane (Courtesy of Thera Cane)

The Thera Cane (Courtesy Thera Cane)

The Thera Cane
The length and shape of the Thera Cane help you massage even your most difficult-to-reach spots—like that knot right between your shoulder blades! Find it at


DID YOU KNOW? Highlighting your brow bone can make your eyes seem bigger and brighter. If you wake up feeling like you were up all night doing homework (oh, wait, you were), then reach for a matte, light pink shadow. Apply the pink along your brown bone (right under your eyebrow) and softly blend it into your skin with your finger. It’s like a mini eyelift!

Brow Bone Highlight


(by Josephine Daño)



Looking for a healthy after-school snack? Reach for grapes! New research from the University of Michigan found that this tasty fruit can reduce inflammation (see ya, swelling!).

Freeze ’em!
Add a tasty twist to your grapes by popping them in the freezer. It’ll make them extra-refreshing after a killer jazz class.





Jergens Natural Glow (by Josephine Dano)

(by Josephine Daño)

Want to hold on to your last-days-of-summer look? Meet two of our favorite products: Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer and bright-colored lipsticks, like hot pink, coral or red. They’ll keep you looking like a beach babe (without the harmful effects of tanning beds!) well into the school year.




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