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These Next-Generation Knee Pads Might Just Change Your Life

With all the intense floor work that dance demands, you'd think that knee pads would be in everyone's dance bag, on the daily. But Ailey II's Meagan King can't be the only serious dancer who, disappointed with the performance of every brand of knee pads she's tried, simply made the choice to go without.

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Gretchen Levandusky is Your May Cover Model Search Editors' Choice Winner

Congratulations to the May Cover Model Search Editors' Choice video winner, Gretchen Levandusky! Catch her solo below, and make sure to enter the Cover Model Search here.

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10 Thank You Notes For Dance Dads this Father’s Day

Dance dads: where would we be without them? Of course, they wouldn't have the coveted title of "Dance Dad" if it weren't for their dancing kids (let's face it: no matter how old you are, you'll always be their kid).

So for Father's Day, Dance Spirit has drafted some Jimmy Fallon-style thank you notes for all the Dance Dads out there. Cue the pensive piano music.
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Photo by Julianna D'Agati

Photo Shoot Tips From 4 of Your Favorite Dance Photographers

Whether it's a stunning photo of your favorite ballerina, a snapshot of your team during a performance, a crazy flexy pose on your Insta feed or your super-cringey first-recital photo, we all have a dance photograph that sticks in our minds.

To ensure that all of your awkward dance photos remain in the past, and that every future shot can live rent-free in your mind, we got the scoop from four dance photographers on how you can be prepared for your next photo session as if it's your next performance—even if your audience will just be one person and a camera.

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Go Behind the Scenes of Creating the “96,000” Pool Scene from “In The Heights”

One of the splashiest dance numbers in the movie adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda's In The Heights, which, after a yearlong delay, has finally hit theaters and HBO Max, is the showstopping "96,000." Anthony Ramos, who stars as Usnavi in the film, leads the cast in a song about what they would do with the prize money if they won the $96,000 lottery ticket sold at their neighborhood bodega. "Shooting '96,000' was wild," says Noah Catala, who plays Graffiti Pete and is featured in the number.

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