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Guys, this may just be the fashion/dance collab to end all fashion/dance collabs.

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From Mandy Moore to Boston Ballet, the most trusted professionals in the dance community are recommending Apolla Shocks. We decided to investigate further and learn more about the footwear company that has started a new revolution in the dance world.

The revolution begins

Apolla Shocks are everywhere right now. Your favorite dancers on "So You Think You Can Dance", on tour with "Shaping Sound", at conventions, in class, and on competition stages. These dancers are not just wearing socks. They are wearing Shocks!

What do all these dancers know that you don't? Why are they building such a strong and loyal customer base? To understand better, we asked some of the most trusted dancers, choreographers, and physical therapists in the dance community why they recommend Apolla Shocks?

Mandy Moore (award winning producer, director & choreographer)
"I wear Apolla Shocks when I am in the studio all day creating. They make my feet feel like they are on clouds! Who knew that a little sock could bring such happiness to my aching feet…"

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Dancer to Dancer
Warren Craft in Dorrance Dance's Myelination (photo by Matthew Murphy, courtesy Craft)

Hoofer Warren Craft mesmerizes audiences with his sophisticated musicality and idiosyncratic style. He started dancing at age 8 in Poughkeepsie, NY, and later took private lessons with Ayodele Casel in NYC. He went on to study at the American Tap Dance Foundation, the School of American Ballet, and The Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School at American Ballet Theatre. These days, you can see the multifaceted talent onstage with Michelle Dorrance's Dorrance Dance. In keeping with his ever-unconventional approach to his art, Craft wrote a poem to his younger self in lieu of a letter. —Courtney Bowers

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Dancer to Dancer
James Whiteside and Misty Copeland showing off Odile's Gemini tendancies in "Swan Lake" (original photo by Gene Schiavone)

Over the last couple of months, I've gotten really (like really) into astrology, by way of memes on Instagram. If you're a millennial or Gen-Zer locked in an eternal scroll like I am (except it's my job, so I have an excuse!), then you're no stranger to these types of posts. One popular format? A list assigning zodiac signs with their corresponding "things," from foods to colors and everything in between. And since y'all love our memes (we're making more, we swear), I decided to spend my Friday afternoon figuring out each sign's classical ballet equivalent. I recruited fellow DS editor Helen Rolfe, and we proceeded to conduct a VERY scientific and THOROUGHLY researched study. If you don't like yours, I truly am sorry, but the stars don't lie. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Behold, the signs as classical ballets!

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Dance Videos
(L to R) Vikas Arun, Gerson Lanza, and Jabu Graybeal in Chloe Arnold's "GLORY" (screenshot via Facebook)

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." Tap dancer and choreographer extraordinaire Chloe Arnold was inspired by these words from Martin Luther King, Jr. to create a piece in solidarity with the #SayTheirNames movement (a campaign to highlight stories of police brutality as told by the victims' families).

Released earlier this week, the heartbreakingly beautiful clip stars Vikas Arun, Jabu Graybeal, and Gerson Lanza, all dancers with Arnold's Apartment 33 company. Watch closely: Reigning NYCDA National Teen Male Outstanding Dancer David Keingatti also makes a memorable cameo towards the end.

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Dancer to Dancer
Photo by Erik Tomasson, courtesy San Francisco Ballet

San Francisco Ballet soloist Lauren Strongin's classic grace and powerful acting skills captivate audiences. The Los Gatos, CA, native trained at the Kirov Academy of Ballet and the John Cranko School before joining Houston Ballet in 2009. In 2015, she came to SFB as a soloist and has since danced principal roles in ballets including Giselle, Swan Lake, "Rubies," and Onegin. This month, catch her performing with SFB in New York City Center's Balanchine: The City Center Years program. —Courtney Bowers

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Just for Fun
#2: High School Musical. We've waited long enough! (Giphy)

Producers just looooove turning hit movies into huge Broadway shows. From Legally Blonde to Hairspray to Billy Elliot, some of our favorite dancetastic musicals got their start on the big screen. So listen up, Broadway: Here are 10 movies that need to be turned into musicals ASAP.

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