We bet Tate McRae would love these. (Photos by Erin Baiano)

10 Jokes Only Dancers Will Understand

What's better than a good dance joke? They're corny, they're punny, and they're exactly what you need to get you through long rehearsal days. These 10 jokes are guaranteed to put a smile on your face—no matter how much your feet are hurting.

Dance friend: How many leotards should I pack for the dance convention this weekend?
You: Five! Six! Seven! Eight!

Dance friend:
So we're going across the floor and Shelley, who's in front of me, only does one pirouette instead of two and then she…
You: Get to the pointe already!

School counselor:
You have so much potential. You just need to leap for the stars!
You: I've been doing that since third grade.

Dance teacher:
You can't keep complaining about your feet hurting when you never wear your shoes long enough to break them in!
You: Fair pointe.

Q: What animals are the best at turns?
A: Spot-ted leopards.

Mom: Wow, so many people showed up to your recital.
You: We had a great turnout!

You: Ugh, I just don't understand this combination.
Dance teacher: You'll never nail it if you don't change your attitude!

I'm so excited to visit the Tilting Tower of Pisa!
Dad: Um, do you mean the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

Q: What's a bird's favorite tap dance move?
A: "Flap."

Non-dance friend:
My feet hurt so bad today!
You: Sure, Jan.

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