10 Things Dancers Can't Help but Be Grateful For

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It's finally Thanksgiving and us dancers truly have so much to be thankful for! But we're not just talking about all that sentimental, predictable stuff like families and friends. I mean, don't get us wrong, family and friends are great and all, and really deserving of gratefulness, but tbh, so are naps. And bobby pins. And protein bars. Yep, we went there. Here's a list of 10 things dancers can't help but be thankful for because without them we'd literally be nothing.

1. Rosin

Bless this miracle worker that keeps us from falling on our faces every time we bust a move.

For examples of people who, er, probably didn't use rosin, see below. 👇

2. Bobby pins

What would we do without these babies? Our hair would constantly be in our faces, we'd have to spend wayyy too much time on hair-ography, and our dance teachers would probably end up so annoyed every single class.

3. Toe pads

Honestly, we get emotional just thinking about what life would be like without these blessed things. They're the real MVPs!

4. Dress rehearsals

There's never been a more comforting phrase than, "bad dress rehearsal, good show." Thank goodness for the chance to mess up and get our last minute jitters out without an entire audience watching!

5. Water breaks

You definitely don't save ANY water for the fishies when your teacher tells you to take five in the middle of rehearsal. It tastes glorious, and you deserve it.

6. Naps

Between school, class, rehearsal, competitions, and performances, there's basically no time in your life for sleep. So when you get the chance to take a nap on your desk at school, in the car on your way to dance, or even just standing up outside of the studio while you wait for the class ahead of you to get out, it's pure magic.

7. Protein Bars

It's amazing how fast a snack can turn things around. Thank you protein bars for keeping us from being hangry.

8. Band-Aids

Our feet are so covered in blisters at this point, we wouldn't make it two days without Band-Aids. We don't deserve them!

9. Deodorant

Can you imagine how bad your dance studio would smell without deodorant? It already smells terrible with it! Bless modern personal hygiene practices.

10. Ice cream

Just because this should be on every gratitude list ever made. So, yeah, we're just gonna leave this right here.

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