As dancers, we work long, hard days in the studio and on the stage, spending hours upon hours stretching and strengthening. And nothing eases the pain of that constant grind like laughing at a (sometimes, painfully) relatable meme. So, Dance Spirit rounded up seven of the funniest dance meme accounts on Instagram.

For the bunheads: @memes.en.pointe

If you're a total bunhead looking for niche memes about Youth America Grand Prix variations, the ongoing debate between Russian Pointe vs. Grishko, and more, this account is for you.

For the trendy dancewear lover: @cloudandvictory

True, Cloud & Victory primarily makes dancewear. But they also make A+ memes, especially for dancers obsessed with staying on top of the latest trends.

For the perfect pas partner:

Partnering may be one of dance's great challenges (get me on my leg!), but at least now there are funny memes about it.

For the comp kid: @memeofdance

People who don't spend every weekend at a competition, or a convention, or in rehearsal for the next competition/convention just don't really get it, do they? Luckily, the fabulous minds behind this account relate to the #compstruggs.

For the corps de ballet all-star: @hardcorpsmemes

To my ladies holding the same "swan" pose for 64 counts of eight, this one goes out to you. Because you are hard corps.

For the self-deprecating dancer: @cool.dancer.memes

Every now and then, we all have classes where nothing seems to go right. And, if you want to have a good laugh about all those #studiofails, this is the account for you.

For the "​​Dance Spirit​​" lover: @dancespiritmagazine

Hey, we're not above a shameless plug! And especially not when we're plugging such quality content. You can count on us to keep you supplied with all the most relatable dance memes.

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