9 Dancers Share the Lucky Charms that Help the Show Go On

Broadway dancer Christine Cornish Smith's good luck charm is the quote "To thine own self be true." (courtesy Smith)

For many dancers, having a good luck charm stowed in a dressing room or dance bag feels like the key to a successful audition or show. We asked nine pros to share the goofy/sentimental/magical objects that they believe can make the difference between the performance of a lifetime and, well, actually breaking a leg.

Christine Cornish Smith, "My Fair Lady on Broadway"

Courtesy Christine Cornish Smith

I always keep the quote "To thine own self be true," from Shakespeare's Hamlet, somewhere in my dressing room—or in my makeup bag if I'm traveling. It became special to me in seventh grade when my mom included it in a good luck card for a school play. I've carried it with me from that day forward as a reminder of her incredible support. It also reminds me that if I'm not acting from an authentic and true place, my work is never as effective.

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