And the Green goes on...

If you’ve read our eco-friendly April issue, and you’re craving even more “Green-ness” (we know, it happens), here’s something to satisfy your appetite. Model Josie Maran—perhaps you remember her from Dancing with the Stars—launched a Green makeup line. Josie Maran Cosmetics are organic and contain pure ingredients (perfect for sensitive teen skin). There’s more—the packaging is also made from recycled material (yay!). Having been a model, Josie didn’t want to compromise high-end makeup (bye-bye Chanel) to be a bit more granola, so she made sure her line is posh but also affordable (Josie Maran for president!). We know she’d love this blog entry since she works with the organization, Teens for Safe Cosmetics. Click Here for more information about Josie Maran Cosmetics.



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