Ashley Bouder Is Six Months Pregnant, Still Fouettéing Like a TOTAL BOSS

For most mere mortals, being six months pregnant means eating for two, enjoying the fact that your bump is finally large enough to earn you a seat in a crowded subway car and firmly believing that a gentle 30-minute prenatal yoga class is enough to justify spending the remainder of the night gloriously pantsless on the couch. (Full disclosure: I am currently six months pregnant, and that is 100 PERCENT MY LIFE right now.)

But New York City Ballet principal Ashley Bouder is no mere mortal.

Nope: For Bouder, being six (and a half!) months pregnant means having the tiniest, cutest #BouderBump known to man—and still being able to bang out 16 perfect fouettés. Exhibit A:

A video posted by Ashley Bouder (@ashleybouder) on


In case you're not sufficiently impressed, I submit to you more evidence that Bouder has had the most fabulously dance-y pregnancy ever:

1) At eight weeks—a time when most mommies-to-be are dying of morning sickness—she danced Odette/Odile in Swan Lake.

A photo posted by Ashley Bouder (@ashleybouder) on

2) At nine weeks—when normal pregnant humans are feeling bloated and gross—she looked like THIS in the premiere of Justin Peck's New Blood.

A photo posted by Ashley Bouder (@ashleybouder) on

2) At four months—for reference, this is when an average pregnant lady is beginning to show—she did two Nutcracker Dewdrops in a single day, filling in for injured friend Sara Mearns.

A photo posted by Ashley Bouder (@ashleybouder) on

3) Today, even when she's in a leotard and tights, you still can't tell she's pregnant from the back.

A photo posted by Ashley Bouder (@ashleybouder) on

GET IT, Ashley. And congrats!

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