Audition Tips From the Main Men of Step Up 3D

Already anticipating Step Up 3D? We know Joshua Allen will be in it, since that was announced when he won Season 4 of “So You Think You Can Dance.” But how did the other cast members land parts in the flick? We caught up with choreographer Jamal Sims, producer Adam Shankman and director Jon Chu at the NYC audition to learn what they love and hate to see.

DS: What should the most prepared dancers have?
Adam Shankman: Confidence! And they should be on time.
Jamal Sims: If the call is 10:00, be ready to dance at 10:00.
AS: If you have to warm up at home, do it. Showing up late is irritating, distracting and signals a lack of professionalism.

DS: What are the top qualities of a professional?
Jon Chu: They don’t talk to the other dancers in the room.
AS: Listen, focus and breathe. People tend to tense up and hold their breath. But if you breathe and relax, you’ll pick up the choreography better.

DS: What should auditioners NOT wear?
I don’t like a lot of accessories. Earrings and bangles fall off and can be dangerous to other dancers. Also, things that are overly bright say “look at me!” but not in a good way.
AS: Let your dancing be what catches our attention.


DS: What’s too edgy?
JS: It bothers me if I’ve worked with you before and you try to show everyone that you’re cool with me. Say hi to me, but don’t go over the top.
AS: It makes me uncomfortable when people stare at me the whole time. Also, when you freestyle, we assume that you can do a battement. Don’t go out there and show us stuff that isn’t your strongest. Just be who you are.

DS: Anything else?
AS: Don’t take it personally if you don’t make it.
JC: We’re trying to fill slots, so even if you come in confident, you still might not be what we’re looking for. It’s fine, and it has nothing to do with you.



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