B-girl Jilou holding a freeze (via Instagram)

Five Seriously Talented B-Girls You Should Know

Traditionally, breaking has been a male-dominated field—but there are plenty of extraordinary b-girls out there, too. And these days, breaking is becoming even more inclusive, as young girls are exposed to it through events like BGirl City and the B-Girl Be Festival. Here are five insanely good b-girls who deserve your attention.

1. Casie "Tynee" Goshow

Casie started out as a gymnast, so flips and tricks come naturally to her. She's worked with Adidas and Beats Headphones, and performed for Lil Jon and Chris Brown, but her main passion these days is teaching. She also owns her own clothing line, Goshow Yourself, which she hopes inspires people to celebrate their individuality.

2. Alex "Shortyrocc" Welch

You might know Alex from the Beat Freaks, who were season three runners-up on "America's Best Dance Crew." She still dances with the crew, but is also very much involved in solo projects. Recently, she's performed with Pink! at the VMAs and with Logic on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!".

3. Roxy Milliner

Roxy was the first female to ever compete at the R16 finals, and she also performed at the Beijing Olympics—but her most impressive credentials might be her two Guinness World Records for headspins. (She did 71 headspins in 60 seconds!) Currently, Roxy is part of two crews, Plague and Heartbreakerz.

4. Hattie Lauren Grover

Based in the UK, Hattie grew up training in contemporary and ballet, but eventually fell in love with the physical challenge of breaking. Her technical background gives her dancing a beautiful line and form.

5. Jilou Rasul

Hailing from Germany, Jilou is currently part of two crews, Nin10do and Jimakeno, and also has experience in the commercial entertainment industry. She's currently filming a new TV series.

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