10 Back-to-School Struggles Every Dancer Knows Too Well

Yep, summer is over and school is back in session. Cue the tears! Heading back to the classroom after a great few months off can be heart-breaking, to say the least, and dancers are way too familiar with these 10 back-to-school feelings.

​When rehearsal runs super late, but you still have to get up early the next day​


​The exhaustion is so real. Will we ever catch up on sleep?

Trying to do homework on the car ride to dance


How are we supposed to finish this essay when mom keeps hitting the break every four seconds!?

When you have a long rehearsal ahead and your teacher doesn't assign homework


Sometimes, teachers can be the best!

When you grab your backpack but not your dance bag


A dancer's worst nightmare.

When your best friend says she'll take notes for you because you're too tired


BFFs for the win!

Zoning out in class while thinking of your dance routine


Have to be prepared for competition weekend.

Trying to understand how chemistry is going to help your dance career


Spoiler alert: It probably won't.

Being the best during the yoga unit in gym class


Flexibility at its finest.

Lugging all your essentials to school each day


Books, folders, binders, lunch, leotards, pointe shoes, and everything else you need!

When your teacher lets you make up an assignment you missed for dance


Shoutout to these teachers!

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