The 10 Best Moments in a Dancer's Life

Aditya Ali/Unsplash

Being a dancer is—say it with us—HARD. WORK. Hours and hours of work for a tiny bit of progress? It's no joke. But if you've stuck with it, you know that those magical breakthrough moments make all the less-than-glamorous stuff totally worth it. Read on for the top 10 best moments, both large and small, in every dancers' daily life.

Nailing an extra pirouette


One turn...two...three...and the audience (real or imagined) goes wild! Sometimes, you're just on your leg like that. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Finally getting into your dream summer intensive


Especially if you were passed over the previous year, getting accepted to your dream summer intensive is the best kind of validation.

Being asked to demonstrate


Executing a step well is a reward in itself, but doing so when your teacher is actually looking is even more of a miracle. Add on getting asked to repeat the step for the class, and you've got the perfect-dance-moment trifecta!

Landing your dream role


Cue "So Much Better" from Legally Blonde the Musical! Seeing your name "up on that list" next to your favorite role is bound to make you dance down the hallways for at least the next few days.

Applying a correction before you're told


When "engage your core" is all you hear from your teacher for months, and then one fine morning you realize you're engaging your core without being told? There's nothing like it.

Realizing that things are (finally) getting easier


The first time you run through your eight-minute production number without feeling like you're going to pass out is straight-up priceless.

Holding a balance longer than you thought possible


TFW you're practically floating in the clouds from being so pulled up and centered on your balance! AHHH.

Receiving compliments from your peers


It's one thing to get praise from your non-dancer friends and family, but when others at your studio take the time to encourage and compliment you, you know you must be doing something right.

Stepping onstage for the first time this season...


It's finally your time in the spotlight!

...and crushing your choreography like never before.


You're hitting every count, turn, and balance, and basking in the cheers of the audience. You're LIVING.

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