Britney and Iggy's Dance-Filled "Pretty Girls" Throws It Way Back

By now, you've likely heard Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea's "Pretty Girls." With the song's video release yesterday, the chorus has literally been running on repeat in my head—for better or worse. But here's the good news: In classic Brit fashion, some pretty stellar dancers are backing up the Princess of Pop—many of whom performed in her Las Vegas production "Piece of Me." (Oh, hey, Sarah Mitchell and Pam Chu!)

The video, directed by Cameron Duddy, is meant to be a parody of 1988 film Earth Girls are Easy. Here's the premise: In "Pretty Girls," Iggy plays an alien who lands in Britney's backyard swimming pool...


...and soon, they're driving around town (anyone else having flashbacks to Brit behind the wheel in Crossroads?)...


...dancing at a car wash...


...and hitting up clubs:


It may be the '80s, but all the wedge choreography—by music video vet Fatima Robinson and Charm Jordan—sure brings me back to the amazing Britney videos of yore. And as crazy as it is (and as "(You Drive Me) Crazy" as it's not...), it's pretty fab. Take a look below!



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