Chatting with Mackenzie Ziegler About Her Holiday-Inspired Activewear Collection with Justice

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If you looked up #GirlBoss in the dictionary, chances are there'd be a giant picture of Mackenzie Ziegler. The 13-year-old captured our hearts when she posed for pics with older sister Maddie during Maddie's 2015 Dance Spirit cover shoot, and since then, has totally come into her own. These days, Mackenzie's been busy with her budding singing and acting career, modeling gigs, and (of course), lots of dancing. Her latest endeavor? A super-cute activewear collection for Justice, with a sparkly, shiny, holiday-inspired video to go along with it. We caught up with Mackenzie to chat about her passion for clothes, her dancewear must-haves, and holiday plans.

Dance Spirit: What were your biggest inspirations with the line, and what do you love about fashion, and clothing in general?

Mackenzie Ziegler: I was inspired by the idea of fun! I dance all the time, so I wanted to create a collection that's perfect for dancing, while still super comfortable and super cute. I've always wanted to have my own clothing line, so I'm really excited about it.

DS: You obviously know a lot about wearing clothes that are both cute and functional in the studio and in real life. How did your dance experience inspire you in this collection?

MZ: I've learned from all my dance experience that comfort is key! I wanted the clothes to be functional, while still being super-cute. I knew it wouldn't be a problem because working with Justice on the back-to-school collection was great, so I knew it'd be the same for the Holiday collection.

DS: What are your must-have features when it comes to activewear?

MZ: Being able to wear something in my everyday life and the studio is awesome. There's this long sleeve shirt in the collection, that has a really cool back. I love it because I can wear it regularly, but can also wear it to dance, over a leo or with shorts or something—the versatility is important!

DS: What was your favorite part about filming the video?

MZ: My favorite part was probably the sets, which were so amazing in person! My favorite scene was the one around 1:50 into the video, when I was surrounded by lights. Also, I always love the outfit changes and the makeup! It's super fun.

DS: What are you most excited about for the holiday season?

MZ: I'm definitely going home to hang out with my friends and family! I'm so excited because I'm always on-the-go and working, and have been in L.A. a lot lately, so it'll be great.

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