Congrats to the 2015 Princess Grace Award Winners!

Every year, the Princess Grace Foundation honors a few lucky members of the arts community. Getting a Princess Grace Award (which comes with a generous grant) is like joining one of the most elite clubs around—a club that includes David Hallberg, Tiler Peck, Mike Minery, Gillian Murphy, Kyle Abraham, Drew Jacoby and Isabella Bolyston. It's also, as you can tell by that insane list of names, a pretty solid indicator of future success.

So we'd like to give a shout-out to the winners of this year's Princess Grace Awards in the dance category, announced yesterday. SNAPS, y'all! You guys are already extraordinary, and we can't wait to see what heights you'll reach.

Just who are these fabulous honorees? Here's the list:

Courtney Celeste Spears (hi Courtney!) of Ailey II...

Photo by Kyle Froman

...Babatunji Johnson of Alonzo King Lines Ballet...

Photo by RJ Muna

...Lani Dickinson, a BFA student in the LINES Ballet Dominican University program (LINES, represent!)...

Photo via PGF website

...Emilie Leriche of Hubbard Street Dance Chicago...

Photo Todd Rosenberg, courtesy HSDC

...Harper Watters of Houston Ballet...

Photo by Jordan Matter

...and Ching Ching Wong of Northwest Dance Project (look for her in our September issue!).

Photo via NWDP website

A dance honorarium was also awarded to the gorgeous Cassandra Trenary, one of American Ballet Theatre's newest soloists...

Photo Dane Shitagi/Ballerina Project

...and Whim W'him's James Gregg and The Big Muddy Dance Company's Joshua Manculich received choreography awards:

(From left) Gregg and Manculich; both photos via PGF website

Congratulations! View the full list of 2015 Princess Grace Award winners here.

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