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Grand Prize: The winner (chosen by readers!) will be featured on the October cover of Dance Spirit.

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Cover Story
Photo by Joe Toreno

It was fall 2016. Gianna Reisen—then 17 and in her final year at the School of American Ballet, New York City Ballet's official training school—had just been made the offer of a lifetime: the chance to choreograph a work for the company's fall gala. She would be the youngest person ever to do so.

Two weeks later, Reisen went from an all-time high to an all-time low: She found out she wouldn't be getting an apprenticeship with NYCB. "I absolutely deflated," she remembers. "Imagine if, after seven years of working towards something, it simply doesn't happen. It's sort of heartbreaking."

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Sponsored by Dream Duffel
Chris Moore, Courtesy Dream Duffel

Berkley Houchin is a dance competition powerhouse. At just 12 years old, Houchin boasts the resume of a much more seasoned dancer. When she isn't at home on her ranch in Amarillo, Texas with her family and her horse, Jazz, Houchin is managing a whirlwind schedule of dance competitions. She is currently a Pro Reveler at the Revel Dance Competition, and she was awarded "Junior Miss Encore" and Encore "Performer of the Year" in 2018, among others.

When Houchin travels for competitions, she currently has 14 dances in tow. She knows that having things packed correctly is the difference between being able to focus on her dancing or fretting over where her next headpiece is. We took a look in Houchin's Dream Duffel bag to find out how she keeps all the details straight so she can focus on the stage (and, we're giving away all her favorite Dream Duffel products!):

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Just for Fun

A dance movie marathon is always a good idea. But which iconic films should you put on? To narrow your search, we went ahead and ranked 30 of the greatest dance movies of all time.

Of course, we know a list like this is bound to be controversial—so if you disagree with our lineup, have at it in the comments!

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Health & Body
Because there's a right (and a wrong) way to stretch (Getty Images)

If you've seen it once, you've seen it a million times: a pic or vid of an über-flexible dancer stretching her enviably limber limbs. She's got her banana feet jammed between a portable barre and the floor, or a Gumby-esque leg propped impossibly high on a dresser. You've probably felt jealous of her wow-worthy flexibility.

But Ashley deLalla, a physical therapist and Pilates instructor with the Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters' Dance Medicine Program in Norfolk, VA, has a very different reaction. "It's cringeworthy. I find myself holding my breath, especially when you look at how young these dancers are," she says. Athletic trainer and acupuncturist Megan Richardson, who's on staff at the Harkness Center for Dance Injuries in NYC, agrees: "Overstretching—forcing yourself into an extreme position for a long time, or doing the wrong stretch for what you're trying to achieve—has always been a cultural problem in the dance world." So what is the right way to stretch? We're so glad you asked.

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Dance Videos
Kel Mitchell's face is us every week when we get to watch a new episode of "Dancing with the Stars." (Erin McCandless, courtesy ABC)

It finally feels like Season 28 of "Dancing with the Stars" is hitting its stride. All of the celebs seem to be getting more comfortable with dancing—meaning we're starting to see some more difficult dance styles and some more impressive choreo. In other words: We're ready to start placing bets as to who's going to take home the Mirrorball Trophy!

In case you missed last night's episode—which was chock-full of some of the best dancing we've seen yet this season—we rounded up the highlights.

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Just for Inspiration, Sponsored by Just for Kix
Courtesy Just for Kix

Purple is often associated with royalty, power and wisdom. Sound like qualities you'd like to bring to your dancing? Same.

We rounded up our favorite purple looks from Just for Kix, for inside the studio or on the stage:

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Dance Videos
Via YouTube

If you've even glanced at your feeds recently, odds are good you've noticed a video of a fabulous kid dominating some choreo alongside her equally fabulous teacher. It's the kind of clip that gets everyone and their mom (no, really—my mom is OBSESSED) cheering. Celebs ranging from Kate Couric to American Ballet Theatre principal James Whiteside have shared it. So, what's the story behind the video?

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Sponsored by Dream Duffel
Chris Moore, Courtesy Dream Duffel

Competition season is just around the corner. In anticipation of all the craziness to come, we asked comp star Berkley Houchin about how she survives her busy schedule. Turns out, the secret is her Dream Duffel bag—and the many products in it.

We're giving away all Houchin's Dream Duffel competition essentials. Click here to enter by October 31st.

Dance Videos
Photo by Erin Baiano

If you want some quick inspo on how to #doitall, look no further than Tate McRae. The 16-year-old somehow manages to balance approximately 25 different careers in fields including dance, singing, songwriting, acting, and modeling. Every project is imbued with her signature off-beat relatability.

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Dear Katie
Photo by Erin Baiano

In our Dear Katie series, Miami City Ballet soloist Kathryn Morgan answers your pressing dance questions. Have something you want to ask Katie? Email for a chance to be featured!

Dear Katie,

I just moved to a new dance studio that provides great training. But there's an awful culture of bullying there. While I'm not getting bullied myself, I see girls being picked on constantly. It seems like the teachers must be aware of it—it's happening in a really obvious way in the studio—but nobody ever says anything. What can I do to help the situation?


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