Dance Bag Must-Haves for Summer Intensives

At a summer program right now? Don't leave home without these eight dance bag essentials that'll get you through your crazy day of classes. Seriously, they're lifesavers!

1. Emergency Kit


Be prepared for any minor disaster with just-in-case essentials: nail clippers, scissors, Icy Hot, Advil, needle and thread, Band-Aids, etc. Plus, having a kit like this is a good way to make friends—everybody loves the chick with the Advil!

2. Water


Yes, it seems obvious, but you can never have too many reminders: DRINK WATER. You'll be sweating like crazy and exerting more energy than usual during these summer intensive weeks, so keep yourself hydrated by packing a water bottle every morning and refilling it throughout the day.

3. Strategic Snacks


At home, you probably have a parent or guardian sticking some snacks into your bag as you leave for the dance studio. But at a summer intensive, you're on your own, and it's 100 percent your responsibility to make sure you eat enough calories to get through the day. Healthy, packable snacks—like almonds, apples, Greek yogurt, carrots, peanut butter, bananas, and blueberries—will help keep your blood sugar up, so you're not totally dragging by the time that last class rolls around.

4. Warm-Up Tools


Summer intensive hours are a recipe for sore and tired muscles. Prevent injuries by bringing your warm up tools to the studio with you each day. Thera-Bands, foam rollers, and tennis balls are our go-tos.

5. Scented Sachet


We hate to break it to you, but...your dance bag stinks! Throw a scented sachet, like a Scentsy Pak, into your bag, and save yourself from having to make some serious stank face this summer.

6. Sweat Towel


They don't call them intensives for nothing: If you're working right, you'll be sweating by the time pliés are over in the morning! Take a towel to class and avoid feeling totally disgusting all day long.

7. Name Tag


Trust us: If you forget to bring your name tag to class, your teacher will be mad at you—AND she won't know your name. It's a lose-lose situation. Keep that tag in your bag, and help those incredible teachers remember you forever and ever!

8. Extra Clothes and Shoes

Nathan Sayers

Be prepared for those unexpected schedule switches that require quick changing. Always have pairs of black and pink tights, an extra leo, character shoes, sneakers, flat ballet shoes, pointe shoes, and socks in your bag, just in case.

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