This 9-Year-Old and Her Teacher Are Our New Favorite Dance Duo

If you've even glanced at your feeds recently, odds are good you've noticed a video of a fabulous kid dominating some choreo alongside her equally fabulous teacher. It's the kind of clip that gets everyone and their mom (no, really—my mom is OBSESSED) cheering. Celebs ranging from Kate Couric to American Ballet Theatre principal James Whiteside have shared it. So, what's the story behind the video?

The student is 9-year-old Anae, and her teacher is Jeny Bonsenge, who's the CEO of a dance school in Brussels, Belgium. The two of them have been slaying in class vids together for a bit now (and they have huge Instagram followings to show for it!).

To further fuel your obsession, here are some of Anae and Bonsenge's best collabs:

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