Dance Teacher Editors' Choice November 2009

Antoine Hunter and Cara Page in Sins Invalid 2009- Express the Risk Of a Deaf MAN

In this video we see a performance by Antoine Hunter dancing to a song selected by a roll of die.  Hunter's dancing is exceptionally articulate.  From undulations of his strong core to movements of his fingers, he exhibits choreographic creativity and musical sensibility that are remarkable.  Then you realize that Hunter is hearing impaired and his timing and connection to the experience seem much more profound.  Hunter explains in the video's description that he wanted to send a message about the risk of dancing to music one can't know and the beauty and joy to be had in the dance if the challenge is embraced.  Congratulations to him, then, for a stunning performance that spoke volumes and dares viewers to think of dancing and dancers in new ways.

Bless their hearts. (NBC)

If Jennifer Lopez is a great dancer, and you are Jennifer Lopez's fiancé, is there some kind of transitive property that means you are at least a pretty good dancer? Does her dance fabulosity, like, osmose into you?

"The Tonight Show" just showed us that the answer to both those questions is, unfortunately, a hard no. But bless Alex Rodriguez, betrothed of J.Lo, for trying.

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Natalie Bebko (courtesy Bebko)

At 17, commercial standout Natalie Bebko ("Nat Bat") has already accomplished more in her career than most adults: She was an assistant choreographer for the 2016 BET Awards and has worked with tons of music greats, including Trey Songz, Flo-Rida, Sia, Mila J, and Big Sean. She trains with immaBEAST dance company and consistently breaks the internet by slaying in class videos. Catch her on Instagram, where she has a casual half a million followers, and read on for The Dirt!

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We're not worthy 😭 (Larry Busacca/Getty Images)

We're officially declaring April the month of Beyoncé. Not only did she gift us the greatness that is her Homecoming documentary, but she followed it up with the #BeforeILetGoChallenge, the newest viral dance craze to sweep the world wide web.

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