"Dancing with the Stars" Recap: Season 11, Week 6

It’s rock week!! Fire, smoke and rock n’ roll—I love it. And I love Brooke Burke’s rocker chic, black dress. Tonight we're seeing the top ten routines ever, so I hope you voted for your fave.

The top ten routines are a nice filler idea, but I really wish they were performing them live. Regardless, here are the routines that made the list:


10. Shaun Johnson and Mark's freestyle: It's cute and fun, but not fabulous.
9. Donny Osmond and Kym's Argentine tango:
Wow, so steamy, but definitely not in my top ten.
8. Helio Cantorvernas and Julianne's quickstep: Love the surprise kiss at the end!!
7. Apolo Ohno and Julianne's freestyle: OMG, I love this. Who votes we bring Julianne back? And Apolo, breakdancing? Yes, please!

At this point I'm thinking, "Okay, so where are the stars of Season 11? We’d love to watch them, too."

6. Joanna Krupa and Derek's futuristic paso doble:
Love their costumes.

5. Mel B and Maksim: Mel is awesome. It’s super fun to catch up on the seasons you missed without having to watch all the really bad numbers.

4. Nicole Scherzinger and Derek's paso doble: I still love this just as much as I did when I originally watched it. Like I said all last season, I love that I can’t tell who the pro is.

Now I'm thinking, "Okay, okay, PLEASE, when are we finally going to see what we tuned in for?"

3. Apolo Ohno and Julianne's samba: Okay, really, let’s bring Julianne back. Her choreography is genius.

2. Gilles Mirini and Cheryl's argentine tango: Hmm… I’m not sure this beats Derek and Nicole’s argentine tango, but it’s definitely hot stuff.

1. Drew Lachey and Cheryl's freestyle: I don’t doubt that this should have been voted in the top ten, but number one?

Phew! Finally, the Stars! Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to see them. I’m loving all the metallic and leather studded costumes for rock week.

Audrina and Tony, paso doble: Oh dear, Audrina trying to be intense and aggressive in rehearsal is pretty comical. Especially, when she starts punching Bruno’s face. Classic. Alright, well I think those boxing lessons might have actually helped her. This is by the far the most “intense” I’ve ever seen her, but she’s still lacking. And, as always, her bod is rockin’. Len says Audrina is getting on his nerves because she has the potenial to blow everyone away, but she’s lacking the character. Bruno agrees. Thank you Carrie Ann for pointing out that she has improved a lot.
Total: 24

Kyle and Lacey, tango: I love Kyle—I have since the very first week. OMG, Kyle’s brother dressed up as Lacey is so funny! Kyle is such a performer! And his footwork looks right on. I loved it. PLEASE, Len, don’t destroy him! Bruno loooved it, and he agrees that Kyle's footwork is much much better. Carrie Ann says that his carriage was amazing this week. Len says, “I’m not going to sack you, I’m going to back you tonight.” Love them.
Total: 23

Jennifer and Derek, paso doble: I’m so glad Jennifer decided to be nice to Derek this week. Wow, she starts out great, but this seems a little over the top. Carrie Anne says that she is way out of control and that she needs to calm down and know her limits. Len says that she lost a bit of the control. Bruno says that she lost the quality of movement. Ouch.
Total: 20
Rick and Cheryl, tango: Cheryl thinks that Rick is analyzing everything way too much. Oh dear, Rick’s hair. He looks like a skunk, but Cheryl’s metallic boots are fabulous. I love the idea, but the height difference is especially bothersome when they are dancing the tango. Rick looks like a giant. Len thought they did an excellent job despite the height difference. Carrie Ann thinks they did amazing, but that Rick needs to be careful not to get so stern.
Total: 24
Bristol and Mark, tango: Bristol says she’s going to prove she has both technique and personality on the dance floor. Her technique looks much better, but her performance is a little boring. Okay, here she comes with the air guitar! So fun! Bruno says it was the best performance and best technique of today. Are you kidding? The performance was pretty dull. Carrie Ann loves it, too. She says it was ridiculously amazing. Len says, “Last week a chimp, this week almost a champ!” I guess I'm out-numbered.
Total: 23

Kurt and Anna, paso doble:
Anna brings in rocker Bret Michaels to help Kurt bring out his inner rock star. Kurt looks a little awkward, but he’s definitely got the intensity and passion for a stellar paso doble.  Carrie Ann said the dance didn’t have a lot of polish. Len said that Kurt looked awkward doing it and he felt awkward watching it. Bruno said that all the lines were wrong. As much as I hate to admit it, I have to agree with the judges this time.
Total: 18

Brandy and Maks, tango: As always, Brandy is freaking out in rehearsal. Relax, girl! This is definitely one of Brandy’s better dances. The over-the-top intensity she’s always channeling actually works for this routine. Len says that it was the best dance of the night. Bruno says, “Is it Brandy or is it Tina Turner in Mad Max?!” Carrie Anne says that it was very impressive.
Total: 26

Now it’s time for the competition marathon with moves from the jive, swing dance and lindy hop. Talk about a cardio workout! One tap on the shoulder and they’re out. Here we go!


7th, Kurt and Anna, Total for the night: 22

6th, Bristol and Mark, Total for the night: 28

5th, Rick and Cheryl, Total for the night: 30


4th, Kyle and Lacey, Total for the night: 30

3rd, Audrina and Tony, Total for the night: 32

2nd, Jennifer and Derek, Total for the night: 29

1st, Brandy and Maks, Total for the night: 36


Who did you vote for? Who do you think's going home? Don’t forget to tune in tonight to find out the results!

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