DS Talks with Jason Glover

It’s no secret that Jason Glover was one of our favorite contestants on “So You Think You Can Dance” season 5—just read our blogs! As he gets ready for the tour, we got him to open about working with Travis, his dream job and, of course, those steamy onstage kisses with Jeanine and Caitlin!

Dance Spirit: Who was your favorite choreographer to work with?
Jason Glover:
All the choreographers were really great with me. Jean Marc was funny and brilliant. Tony and Melanie were lively and charismatic. And Travis Wall gave me new life in the show. To dance a contemporary piece like that was a once in a lifetime opportunity. He understands dancers in a way that other choreographers don’t, because he still is a dancer and was once a contestant. I’ll be honest with you—we didn’t rehearsal that routine once during our free time. We just went through it in our heads.

DS: What was it like to work with Jeanine?
Man, I had never worked with anyone that amazing. I'm going to get cheesy on you—it was made to be and meant to happen. My gosh, the girl is brilliant, beautiful and a ridiculous dancer. We have the same fire, so it was easy for me to feed off her. The fire/passion/lust you saw onstage was real. After we were done, it blew my mind to see the whole studio (audience and judges) standing and clapping. I went backstage and held her tight for fifteen minutes and thanked her for giving me that. Almost every week I was in the bottom three. And finally, it was like this is what everyone gets to feel—this is what you feel, Brandon and Janette!

DS: So about that steamy kiss…?
The kiss was not planned in the choreography. So now the question on everyone’s minds, is are we dating? The answer is no. I met Jeanine during Vegas week, and we clicked right away. She’s like family to me. What they don’t show you on TV is that, like Jeanine, I’m silly and I’m always cracking jokes. We couldn’t date—we’re too much of the same person. I'm sure by now she has a million and one guys eyeing her. I love her but I am not in love with her.

DS: What about kissing Caitlin at the end of Bollywood? Was that planned?
Yes. Nakul planned that for us. It’s a funny story, when we were in rehearsal he told us to kiss, but we made out! He said, “No, no you cant do that onstage. Kiss for one second and then pull away.” He told Caitlin to conceal the kiss with her hand. I was afraid of how it was going to look on TV, but it actually looked good.

DS: What was your fave piece to watch?
Definitely the Russian routine [laughs], because it was so fun [laughs], and we all joke about it. The first day that they leaned it, Jeanine burst through the apartment door and said, “You guys will never guess what is going on in my number. The dance is ridiculous.” “Ridiculously hard?” we asked. Then she demonstrated the part where they hold hands, and it looks like they’re in Disney’s “It’s a Small World.” But she was still got into it when she performed. Philarina (Phil) was great, too. I call him that because he isn’t a technical dancer. I make fun of him for not knowing any ballet moves.

DS: What is your dream job?
I’m an opportunist and will take anything that comes my way. I got a taste of being in front of the camera, and I liked it. Being a movie star would be amazing! But most of all, I’m young and have a body that’s holding up so I wanted to take advantage of it and be a dancer right now. I would eventually like to get into choreography. 

DS: So you want to be the next Travis?
[laughs] You never know.



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