Lights, Camera, Nationals: Our Favorite Trends of 2019

We can't stop cheering for all the amazing dancing we saw this year. (Courtesy Fusion)

Take another bow, comp kids: Nationals 2019 was INCREDIBLE. From jaw-dropping solos to showstopping production numbers, you guys brought nothing less than your A-game to every number—and it showed. Before visions of next season start dancing in your heads, let's reflect on some of the top trends of this past summer's Nationals.

1. Mission Im-props-ible

Courtesy Starpower

It's all too easy for props to become a distraction onstage, but this season dancers found innovative ways to use all sorts of accessories.

2. Pantsuit Nation(als)

Photo by Exulting Images, courtesy Encore

Who says suits are just for the boys? We love that the ladies brought their strongest suits to the stage.

3. Hair Apparent

Photo by Visual Tech Productions, courtesy National Dance Honors

Tucked up in elegant braids or totally free-falling, your hair was majorly on point this season.

4. Shape Shifters

Courtesy Hollywood Vibe

Dancers took flexibility to a whole new level this season, creating stunning shapes the likes of which we've never seen before.

5. Monochrome Majesty

Photo by Drew Dizzy Graham, courtesy National Dance Honors

You all made bold and unified statements in monochrome ensembles this season.

6. A Grab Bag of Tricks

Courtesy Fusion

Styles blended together like crazy this season, and we were #HereForIt. We were especially into innovative choreography that combined hip-hop grooves with jazz and contemporary.

7. Timeless Technique

Photo by Evolve Photo, courtesy New York City Dance Alliance

The verdict's in: Technique never goes out of style. We loved watching dancers show off their finely honed turnout, épaulement, and alignment. And bonus points to every kid who hit the comp stage en pointe!

8. Left on Red

Courtesy Velocity Dance Competition

From deep burgundy to candy apple and everything in between, red was definitely the color of the season.

9. Next-Level Storytelling

Courtesy Showstopper

From Broadway-ready musical theater to sci-fi-esque contemporary, dancers created entire worlds of their own onstage.

10. Talent on Tap

Courtesy West Coast Dance Explosion

Tap truly thrived this season. (Tap solos to Kendrick Lamar? YES PLEASE.)

11. TeamWERK

Photo by Kathleen McPherson, courtesy National Dance Honors

This is our favorite trend of all! We were so inspired by the camaraderie and cooperation of every team this season. There's nothing like true human connection onstage, not to mention all the encouragement and memories made backstage.




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