Our Favorite Outtakes from Dance Spirit's 2016 Cover Shoots

It's that end-of-December time when everybody likes to reflect on the past year, and we at Dance Spirit are no exception. 2016 has been a weird one for the world generally, but a pretty great one for DS specifically: Over the last 12 months, we've had the privilege to put no fewer than 18 world-class dancers on our cover. And one of the best things about featuring fabulous dancers is that we tend to get whole messes of fabulous photos at our cover shoots—more than we could ever fit in the magazine.

Each issue, a bunch of photos that don't make it into print end up as digital edition exclusives, available only to our digital subscribers. But as a little New Year's present to y'all, we thought we'd share our favorite outtake from each issue. (And if you'd like to see more gorgeous shots like these, you know what to do.)


January 2016: Gabe De Guzman and Kaycee Rice

Photo by Joe Toreno

February 2016: Ross Katen, Madelyn Ho and Anne O'Donnell

Photo by Jayme Thornton

March 2016: Gisele Bethea

Photo by Nathan Sayers

April 2016: Austin Joson and Nino Dzneladze

Photo by Jayme Thornton

May/June 2016: Taylor Hatala and Larsen Thompson

Photo by Jayme Thornton

July/August 2016: Ariana DeBose and Sasha Hutchings

Photo by Erin Baiano

September 2016: Miriam Miller

Photo by Lucas Chilczuk

October 2016: Briar Nolet

Photo by Erin Baiano

November 2016: Emma Portner

Photo by Jayme Thornton

December 2016: Kida Burns and Fik-Shun Stegall

Photo by Joe Toreno

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