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The Gallim Dream
A decade in, Gallim Dance is thriving, thanks to founder/director/choreographer Andrea Miller's vision—and savvy.

Jack of All Trades, or Master of One?
Should you train in as many dance styles as possible, or home in on a single specialty?

The Audition Prep Timeline
What you should do in the months, days, weeks and hours leading up to that big audition.

Top 10 Ways to Own Your Career
Real-talk advice from Tricia Miranda.

Auditions Guide 2017
Essential info on tons of top-tier auditions.

Up Front: Buzz
Newsies hits the big screen; the captivating Mr Gaga documentary.

Up Front: The Dirt
San Francisco Ballet soloist Sasha De Sola.

Can you ID these classic dance works?

Letter to My Teenage Self
Commercial queen Martha Nichols.

Dear Katie
Kathryn Morgan answers your pressing dance questions.

Choreographer's Collage
Ballet choreographer Gemma Bond's inspirations.

Body Buzz
Everything you need to know about caffeine.

Making one piece work for every audition outfit.

Spotlight: Musical Theater
How you can use typecasting to your advantage.

College Corner
What to consider before deciding to transfer.

Get a Job
What it's like to work at a theme park.

Branch Out
Former Broadway dancer Emily Hsu's popular fitness brand.

You Should Know
Ballerina-in-training Madison Penney.

Latest Posts

All photos by Joe Toreno. Grooming throughout by Lisa Chamberlain for The Rex Agency.

How Mark Kanemura—Artist, Activist, and All-Around Icon—Became Our Internet Dance Mascot

Twelve years ago, a baby-faced Mark Kanemura appeared on "So You Think You Can Dance" Season 4. The Hawaiian-born dancer—whose winningly quirky style found a perfect vehicle in Sonya Tayeh's creepy-cool "The Garden" routine—quickly became a fan favorite. Kanemura made it to the Top 6 (Joshua Allen took the title that season), and a star was born.

But the world didn't know how bright that star was going to shine.

Fresh off "SYTYCD," Kanemura started booking jobs with Lady Gaga: first the MTV Video Music Awards, then the Jingle Bell Ball. Soon, he was a staple on Gaga's stages and in her videos, and he began to develop a dedicated fan base of his own.

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Getty Images

It’s OK to Grieve: Coping with the Emotional Toll of Canceled Dance Events

Grace Campbell was supposed to be onstage this week. Selected for the Kansas City Ballet School's invitation-only Kansas City Youth Ballet, her performance was meant to be the highlight of her senior year. "I was going to be Queen of the Dryads in Don Quixote, and also dance in a couple of contemporary pieces, so I was really excited," she says. A week later, the group was supposed to perform at the Youth America Grand Prix finals in NYC. In May, Grace was scheduled to take the stage again KC Ballet School's "senior solos" show and spring performance.

Now, all those opportunities are gone.

The COVID-19 pandemic has consumed the dance community. The performance opportunities students have worked all year for have been devoured with it. Those canceled shows might have been your only chance to dance for an audience all year. Or they might have been the dance equivalent to a cap and gown—a time to be acknowledged after years of work.

You can't replace what is lost, and with that comes understandable grief. Here's how to process your feelings of loss, and ultimately use them to help yourself move forward as a dancer.

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Paloma Garcia-Lee (James Jin Photography, courtesy Garcia-Lee)

I'm a Broadway Dancer with COVID-19. Here's What it's Been Like.

Many in the dance community have been directly impacted by COVID-19. Paloma Garcia-Lee, a Broadway veteran who was performing in Moulin Rogue! until the Great White Way closed down, tested positive for the virus last month. Now recovered, she shared her experience with Dance Spirit. (Tune in to our Instagram at 2pm EST for a live Q&A session with Garcia-Lee.)

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